Well hello there…

So WordPress wanted to name this post “hello world!” but I felt that was jumping the gun a bit. First post and all, and already WordPress expects me to have reached worldwide acclaim? I’m good WordPress, but not that good. Reminds me of the stereotypically overbearing mother (or father!) who wants the kid with the grades, looks, athletic ability, and MacGyver-like skills necessary to clean up the recent oil spill and mow the lawn by 3:30 p.m. at the same time…

I’ve never met these stereotypical parents, but I’ve heard they exist. You know, in the movies. Anyway, enough about that and more about me. That is, after all, what one’s own website is designed for, is it not? A performative example of the semi-narcissistic qualities (but not quite) that all self-respecting New Yorkers call their own?

I’ve had several “blogs” or “websites” in the past; whatever you want to call them. During my undergrad years, they were effective tools to keep in touch with past classmates, friends, and nagging family members who said I “never” called them. I use quotation marks, but they’re probably right. I hate calling people unless I haven’t talked to them in a REALLY long time. For me, it doesn’t make sense to have an hour long conversation with someone you just spoke to last week. What kind of cosmic change could have taken place between now and this time last week? Lets see, I worked full time for 5 days of the week, spent one of my weekend days on catch up with errands and chores and friends, and the other weekend day getting ready for the next 5-day work week. See? Isn’t this exciting conversation? Wouldn’t you love to have it over the phone instead? I kid. I’m not this ornery in real life…well, I actually really don’t like talking on the phone. That bit’s true. My preferred method is texting. 160 characters, and go! It’s quick, cheap (as long as you’re on Verizon with me), and gets the job done. What’s not to love?

After several attempts at what I guess you’d call “subject specific” websites (most recently on new criminal justice policy ideas and theories), I’ve decided to go back to the tried and true approach…a little something about everything! Hence the title. What can you expect dear reader? I live in New York, so you can expect just about anything. Attempted car bombings in Times Square by “terrorists” who can’t seem to get their device to actually work (thankfully), the madness that infuses MTA’s budgeting decisions, weird old Jamaican ladies on the train singing about lesbians at 11:15 p.m., Saturday morning brunch with Andre, the new Assassin’s Creed II, and even musings about “real” stuff (like news! and politics!). It’s only the tip of the iceberg here, and no, I did not exaggerate some of the more colorful tidbits up there. It just gets better from here on out. Enjoy.


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