Caffeine intake…

I’ve just realized that my last two post titles have ended in ellipses. I have decided to continue this trend for an undetermined amount of time. Who doesn’t like ellipses? It’s even a fun word to say every now and again!

With that out of my system, and having just opened a 9.5 oz “mocha frappuccino coffee drink” for my personal enjoyment, I have to wonder about my caffeine intake sometimes. A friend of mine on Facebook posted an illuminating article about the benefits of coffee a while back, and it forced me to think about the various caffeine-injection methods I have sampled over the years and their benefits.

First and foremost, coffee. Who doesn’t like coffee? You can have it hot for those cold, rainy days (like the one right now, grrrr). Or you can have it iced on those nice warm summer days like the ones we were having last week (again, grrr). According to those smart scientist people and researchers, there may be some significant health benefits for the 95% of us who are coffee drinkers. Hurrah for lower risks of various types of cancers and Alzheimer’s! AND we’re far more productive than the office zombies who refuse to drink a harmless cup of joe.

There’s also those energy drinks that I’ve actually stopped drinking for the most part. You know, “Red Bull gives you wings!” I’ve consumed a lot of Red Bull in my day (the highest consumption rate took place while I was studying for the LSAT during my senior year of college), and I can tell you from experience, I did not once receive a set of wings. I demand a refund. There’s also Monster, which earned me the endearing (?) nickname of, you guessed it, “monster” from a coworker at a certain bookstore for a while. The height of this type of consumption was essentially the two years I spent earning a Master’s. Unlike coffee, the jury’s still out on what sort of long-term effects these things have on the body. Hence why I seriously cut down on my consumption of them…sort of. I actually cut down on them because they’re carbonated, which can effect your running pace and breathing. šŸ˜‰

And today? I’m back to coffee and “coffee drinks”. I have a 10K race coming up this Saturday and entered the “rest days” phase this morning. Rather than heading out to the gym when I woke up this morning, I put on a pot of coffee and played Assassin’s Creed II. It was weird doing absolutely nothing this morning. But at least I can say it was productive; I was busy fighting off certain cancers and Alzheimer’s disease! Non-coffee drinkers can’t claim that one!

How do you get your caffeine fix?


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