It’s Go Time!

Yes, I left out the ellipses in the title. They just didn’t work this time with the title of this post.

And without further ado, it’s time for the UAE 10K in Central Park this Saturday at 9 am! It’ll be roughly 6.21371192 miles of fun according to Google’s calculator. Check out the shirt (yay a new short sleeve breathable material shirt that I can actually use!):

I did a practice run through of this course last Friday with a time of roughly 50:00, and my conclusion at the end of it was that I ran it WAY too fast because I was sore for the next couple of days, which is not a phenomenon I’ve experienced in quite some time. If you check out the PDF of the course I just linked to, you’ll see a segment at the top of the park above the 102nd transverse. What you won’t see is the fact that it’s a GIANT hill followed by another large hill. The course doesn’t even out until you’re below the transverse on the east side of the Park. It was lots ‘o fun the first time…can’t wait to do it again. These hills are known as the “Harlem Hill,” and were featured in my runner’s magazine as one of the top 10 hill workouts in the city. Glad to know that they’re also being featured in our race this Saturday!

My strategy is to hit that water station between miles 2 and 3 on the course because during my practice run, I had to veer off the whole thing to find a water fountain. So I figure a break in between the hills and some water might decrease the amount of time necessary for the recovery after the hills! This will be the longest distance I’ve run in an NYRR race. A friend and I will both be running it, and it’s his first time running this kind of distance as well. Wish us luck! We may need it. 😉


2 responses to “It’s Go Time!

  1. Holla to ya mutha!! The race is gonna rock! And hurt! Maybe you should call ahead to the place we will be brunching at. Ya know, just to give them a heads up that we probably will consume every last scrap of anything edible in the place…

  2. I’ll be there to support you with bells on! I love you 🙂

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