I’ve survived a 10K race!

Well folks, we did it! At 9 am yesterday (well, more like 9:05 because it took 5 minutes for our portion of the corral to get to the starting line), we crossed the start to embark on a race around the entire Park. Complete with a lovely set of hills between mile marks 2 and 4. Highlights include:

– watching one guy zoom past me in the first two miles and me thinking “uh oh, he has NO idea what’s coming up, does he?”

– passing said zoomer guy on the hills as he’s stopped on the side breathing hard

– watching him zoom past me and stop a number of times before finally losing him altogether

– nearly running over a middle-aged woman who decided that she was just going to cross even though a mob of runners were coming through in a *clearly* marked race course

– a nice stitch at mile marker 4 that took roughly 3/4 of a mile to work out

– crossing the finish line

And my time?


One response to “I’ve survived a 10K race!

  1. you rock!!! congrats gorgeous woman!

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