American Heart Association Wall Street Run

You’d think with all this talk about races and running, and more races and more running, that I’m a glutton for punishment. Well yeah…I guess. This’d be a good time to let you know that I updated the “Workout Wonders” section of this website, right? Enjoy.

Right off the heels of a grueling 10K challenge in Central Park this past Saturday, I have registered for a puny little 3-miler sponsored by the American Heart Association. Taking place right smack in the middle of a glorious 10 day paid vacation that I will be taking during the month of June, this race will begin at 6:45 p.m. and will be the first actual “road” race that I participate in. It takes place down at Wall Street, and hey, you get the chance to help out too!

Whatever do I mean? Well, since this is an AHA sponsored race, they have also instructed registrants to try and raise funds for that good old fashioned cause of increased research towards fighting heart disease and stroke, and who couldn’t get behind that? My $20 registration fee kicked off my charity attempts, and you can follow suit here.

If you don’t, I’ll know. I have ways… *shifty eyes*

P.S. I am also considering an NYRR race on June 6th as well, but I haven’t registered for it yet. If I ran the Wall Street run and the Japan 4 miler on the 6th, then I will have 7 of the 9 necessary qualifying races for the 2011 ING New York City marathon completed. Score!


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