FINALLY! National Guard troops being sent to the border…

Yup, the ellipses are back! In honor of this breaking news that President Obama is sending a guaranteed 1200 troops to the U.S./Mexico border to assist local law enforcement agencies that have been struggling for years to contain the outbreak of violence and trafficking. Ironically what caught my eye over this were a few Facebook updates from some more, erm, “liberal” friends ranting and raving over this new military action against immigrants and whether or not that makes the President a so-called hack.

Intrigued, I wandered over to Google News to get the intel (lol) on this new move and found, to my pleasant surprise, that the move really has very little to do with the new AZ law that we all like to make fun of. Instead, it’s an actual response to a significant crisis in our southern border states. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself! The President is sending additional personnel to an area they are desperately needed, is requesting $500 million in additional dollars to spur increased law enforcement and federal agent hiring in response to this crisis, and increasing the collection of intelligence and analyzing that intelligence as it pertains to trafficking patterns (of guns, drugs, and humans).

So please, enough with the knee-jerk reactions. They’re unwarranted here.


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