A typical Saturday night?

Here I am, surfing the ‘net, making some spaghetti in order to carb-load for tomorrow morning’s 8 a.m. race, and all of the sudden I hear some kind of loud commotion in the bedroom and Toni’s running around the bedroom like a crazy kitty. I run in there to find that a giant dragonfly has flown into our bedroom and Toni is chasing it around trying to eat it. We’re talking serious *bang* and *boom* possibilities here folks.

I run in there and immediately get a kamikaze type response from the dragonfly. I duck, leave the room, and then close the door. Margot reminds me that Toni is still in there, and I open it back up, brave the flight of the dragonfly yet again, and grab the cat before she decides to follow the dragonfly out the window whenever it leaves. At the moment, it’s still in there. We even got some video:

Update: so the dragonfly never left the room on its own. We were forced to go in and do battle with it with a broom. It flew in between the headboard of our bed and the wall. Margot delivered the fatal blow, and as I was trying to sweep it out I could see it was still moving a bit, so I really squished it underneath the broom…to the point where it stuck to the bottom of the broom. That made it easy enough to throw it out the window afterwards. Dragonfly problem = solved.


4 responses to “A typical Saturday night?

  1. I love cats. They make life so much more entertaining.

  2. But…dragonflies are awesome!! Why the squishy?? Just destroy spiders and flies!

  3. ferocious little beasties

  4. Anthony,

    It wouldn’t leave. I gave it plenty of time to escape, and it still wouldn’t budge. I didn’t need a flipping out kitteh then deciding to kamikaze out my 3rd story window after it in the event that the dragonfly decided it finally wanted to leave.

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