Yes cat…

Plopping down right on my hands and my handy dandy MacBook mouse touchpad is the *perfect* place to be when I’m attempting to type. As I type this, I am doing a semi-acrobatic move in order to actually reach my keys in order to type out this post.


It’s like Toni believes she has the RIGHT to sit there right in the way, stare up at me with those big green eyes, and then nuzzle my arm and look too damn adorable for me to get angry.

*sigh again*

Excuse me while I go pet (and thus reward) the cat who just completely invaded my space…

P.S. I really like the new Against Me! album. 🙂


4 responses to “Yes cat…

  1. LOL!! This sounds very familiar. Just replace the nuzzle for a cuddle and I have the exact same problem with my one and a half year old daughter. hehe.

  2. PhilosopherP

    Been there — done that — and rewarded the cat.

    I’m out of town today and I’ve been feeling off-kilter all morning. Your post made me realize that I can actually reach my keyboard without reaching around a 15 pound ball of feline.

  3. Ha. They’ve learned not to mess with the laptop. But I did have my furry babby blocking my crossword book the other day. Very hard to fill in the clues that way.

  4. Oh no, she still sits on it all the time when it’s closed. She and I have the conversation about the $1300 butt-warmer thing at least 2-3 times a week.

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