Some things are just instinctual

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Margot had to work the night shift last night as well as the day shift she was covering for somebody else, which meant she wasn’t getting off until 4 a.m. As much as I love her, I can’t stay up that late. Especially given the fact that I was attempting to read around midnight and practically falling asleep on my book. Whenever she’s worked late night and I’ve fallen asleep, I’ll hear her come in (e.g. unlocking the apartment door from the hallway, walking in, shutting the door and locking it, walking around, etc etc) and then promptly fall back asleep.

Fast forward to 4:45 a.m. today. I woke up and realized someone was in the apartment and I hadn’t heard them come in. I then heard what I thought was someone jiggling the door locks from inside the apartment, and after waiting a few minutes, I still didn’t hear anyone walking around, which I would’ve taken as a sign that it was her. I saw that the light was on, and after a minute or so after the initial noise, I saw the light go off but I still could hear no movement. In my semi-sleepy mind, I’d made up my mind that someone had broken in and quietly got out of bed in search of a weapon in the bedroom (broomstick, Guitar Hero guitar, you know). I put my glasses on so that I could see my attacker, and then the bedroom door opened. I promptly faced it with fists raised to find, who else, Margot!

What had actually happened was that she was trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake me up, and since I’m so used to hearing her come in, I had interpreted that as a burglar trying to prevent me from waking up. Instead, I’d been so exhausted that I didn’t hear her come in at all, and when I finally woke up, it was to what would be considered suspicious noises. Good thing I didn’t find that weapon because I was ready to fight! Poor Margot! She was just trying to not wake me up!


2 responses to “Some things are just instinctual

  1. Love your blog, by the way. One of our friends wanted to surprise my boyfriend when he was in town, so just came over and used the spare key (he knew where it was from previous visits). Matt heard him and thought someone was breaking in and was all ready to bash him over the head…

    I’m such a heavy sleeper that the intruder would have to be shouting at me before I ever woke up though, so I guess I’m just dead.

  2. Thanks! I’ve enjoyed writing in it so far, so I’m glad you like it! 🙂

    And tell Matt that I share his “must severely harm burglar at all costs” inclination whenever there’s funny noises in the house. Mine comes from the kind of work that I do…can’t say if that’s the same for him. Regardless, it’s an impulse that I’d encourage. 😉 Except when the impulse is aimed at the wrong person, e.g. Margot walking into the bedroom to fists raised and ready to be thrown.

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