Morning Ritual

I’m a fairly good morning person. I’ve found that I tend to be one of the first people into the office, and definitely the first person in the department that I work in. But I still struggle with what often becomes a ritualistic, monotonous morning routine that try as I might, I can’t break. Here’s how it goes:

– Cell phone alarm goes off. Cat starts meowing outside the bedroom door. At this point I must decide whether I am to get up immediately, or snooze the alarm a few times (which results in getting up for a few seconds to spray the cat with the water bottle so that she’ll shut up). Occasionally negotiate my exit from bed with sleepy girlfriend.

– Once I’m up, I stumble to the coffee pot in order to brew some coffee goodness. I say stumble for two reasons a) the cat has decided that weaving in and out of my legs as I walk over to the kitchen is a good idea, and b) I don’t have my contacts in at this point. Oh yeah, and the cat continues to meow through this process as if I do not know exactly where she is by her proximity to my feet.

– Shower. As soon as the shower’s off, the meowing resumes. Secretly plot the next “bath” time for the cat as she carries on with what I can only assume means “hey! Are you in there? I’m out here! Pay attention to me! Are you in there? Why won’t you let me in? Why don’t you love me?!?” over and over again.

– Pour a cup of coffee, feed my vociferous cat, and proceed to read the morning news online. Cat decides to come over for some loves, so I pet her. She quickly gets feisty and we proceed to play the “bat each others’ paws (except I have hands)” game for the rest of the morning.

– Get dressed and ready for work. Find three quarters or a one dollar bill somewhere in my things or in the apartment in order to buy a bagel from the cart next to my subway stop.

– Leave.

There’s a definite theme to all of this…


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