Yelling at the US v. Slovenia game

Nope, not for the reason that you’re thinking of though…

Instead, I had the game going on my computer screen at work, and kept obsessively checking switching back and forth from my work to the game every 30 seconds. I was in a depressed mood after the first half, but when the USA scored their first goal, my mood started to lift. My obsessive switching back and forth intensified as well.

Nearly 40 minutes later I was saddened by the fact that I may have to admit defeat, and then all of a sudden GOOOAAALLL!!!

My reaction? Let me set the stage: I share an office with one other person. One of the summer interns was discussing a case with that person while a different coworker and I were yelling back and forth from office to office about the game. I mention this because the person I share with was more than aware of the fact that the entire office was watching the game except for her. As soon as goal #2 landed, I yelled out “YES!!!!!” with a double fist pump, and (according to the intern) literally terrified the coworker that shares my office so badly that she stopped talking and sat there with her mouth open for a couple of seconds before she regained her composure. The intern then replayed the facial expression on her face when I terrified her into silence, and I was doubled over laughing in the middle of trying to apologize for my outburst.

Since everyone’s talking about their yelling at the TV for the foul that never was, I thought I’d mention the yelling at the TV for the goal that definitely was…and the traumatized coworker that definitely was as well.

USA was robbed though.


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