The Girl Who Played With Fire

So I already touched a bit on this in my post about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film, but let me get the most important item out of the way first:

Noomi Rapace makes an AWESOME Lisbeth Salandar. Seriously. I’m so impressed at how this actress brought one of the intriguing characters in a modern-day fiction series to life.

****Warning: Spoilers Ahead!****

Now to the nitty gritty…yes, it’s violent. Yes, there’s sex (in a foreign film? Say it isn’t so!). And yes, there are themes in this film that should make you uncomfortable. Again, that’s the point. When the current scene in the film is showing what happens to girls trapped in sex trafficking rings, no, it’s not supposed to give you the same fuzzy feeling as you would have watching Lord of the Rings or something. If you were one of those people who couldn’t stomach the first one, then don’t go to this one. The scene where Mikael discovers Lisbeth’s DVD with Bjurman’s attack is symbolic of how one should react to the violence portrayed. In this film, as soon as he realizes what’s about to take place, he hurriedly hits escape and slams the laptop closed. You can see the absolute disgust on his face. If that’s how these particular scenes struck you, that’s what’s supposed to happen. There’s no reason to knock the movie for telling that kind of a story.

Like the first film, the sequel is about as true to the book as a film can be without being 3+ hours long. The film captures all of the important elements from the book, the character acting is phenomenal, and it’s so incredibly watchable that you don’t even notice that you’re reading subtitles. Fantastic film and can’t wait for the third film!


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