Time to Unwind!

Wow! I’ve forgotten just how good it feels to get out of the city for a simple weekend away or a vacation. Margot and I took over her parent’s house in New Ro this weekend because they were going to the beach in Rhode Island and offered us their house and car. Free cable? A/C? Free transportation? No bus stop outside our window? No MTA? A shiny espresso machine? No…no people?!? Um, sign me up please!

It’s funny. I love where I work now, things are looking good on many fronts, I live very comfortably on my income, have a wonderful partner, and just about anything I could want. Yet, you don’t recognize just how much we all need some decompression time away from our lives no matter how good they are. The last time that I actually got out of the city on a vacation of some type (not including several trips to see law schools, take care of and sign on apt’s, etc.) was October of last year. Keep in mind that last time also involved me driving to Indiana from New York and back several days later. Still, it was fun and somewhat relaxing.

However, the last 24 hours have been bliss for me. Thanks to our summer office hours, I left the office around 3 p.m. yesterday, commuted home, and took off for Canada (e.g. Margot’s old house). I have had nothing pressing to do since we arrived. I believe we sat and ate brie and bread for over an hour last night while we watched the Rachel Maddow show. Then we relocated to the living room to watch the third episode of the new Pillars of the Earth movie on Starz. Fell asleep after that. Slept in (though sleeping in means 10 a.m. for me now). I took off on a run while Margot went over to Michaels because, well, it’s Margot. That’s what she does. 🙂 Clearly the decompression had already started working because I ran an 8:19 pace for a run where I felt like I was running at a leisurely pace, plus almost 50% of the route was hills and I was also battling with traffic and traffic lights. But sure enough, I checked my watch when I got to the end of the route and only 30 minutes had passed. Hmmm, okay.

Now I sit here watching movie two in the Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on TV right now. My “pressing” plans for the evening? Figure out the BBQ grill for some dinner! As much as I love New York, we all need to get out of it every once in a while!


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