The Countdown Ends…

So it’s been almost 24 hours since I watched the bus roll away from Penn Station…

There was a weird sense of calm during the hour or so while we waited for her bus to arrive so that she could board it after several days of building anxiety, and then some not so calm when she got on it and I watched it roll away. I made it home last night, and did nothing else but watch TV and finally got the sense to watch 30 Rock because it helped me to feel better. I didn’t really want to do anything else, but I got to talk to her after her hellish bus ride up (apparently it took forever to get there, so she missed her train to the house she’s staying at until her apartment is available on the first). After such an emotionally exhausting day, I fell asleep and woke up feeling similar, but I’m starting to feel better at work. Even Toni knows something’s going on, and she was pretty reserved all night last night and even this morning. Normally in the morning she’s like “hello! Hello! Pay attention to me please!”

The hardest part is over, and as I’ve been telling her and myself the whole time, it’s worth it because she’s opening up a new and great chapter in life. I promptly arranged for a group of friends to accompany me up there on my birthday (it’s on a Saturday this year), and that made me feel better too. We’d decided in advance that I’d go up with a couple friends on my birthday because it’d be fun and I’d get to see her on my birthday (which is the only present I really want on my birthday). I’ve also arranged to meet up with the prospective roommates on Thursday evening, and the aforementioned group of friends “strongly” suggested that I meet up with them tonight after the gym (which I *need* to go to in order to work out some of this nervous energy that’s been just hanging out the past couple of days). As far as Thursday goes, I think if I like the house and like them well enough I’ll go for it because it’d be the perfect situation for me money-wise and arrangement-wise.

There’s 11 days left in the countdown to her return (not that I’m counting or anything), so that we can fulfill certain stereotypes and “U-Haul” it up there, and I plan on staying for 5 days before I return, so that’ll be good. Even though she’ll be at school on Tuesday and most likely doing homework on Monday, I’ll be there and maybe I can explore the town more when she banishes me from the room. 😉 Then, it’s less than two weeks until my birthday when I will go back up with a couple of friends…I think Bolt Bus and I will get to know each other really well very soon. With the price range of Bolt Bus on the weekends, it’ll be about $60-$70 per month to go up two weekends a month, and that’s entirely doable. In fact, I think we routinely spent more than that on a “weekend out in the city” whenever the urge for that struck so I’m really not taking on an additional expenditure if I can visit two weekends a month. That gives me two weekends in New York for road races and anything else that comes up. I think this is a good plan, and it makes me feel better about the whole thing. Her too.

She reads this, and only she’ll understand this but: “hai! k thx bai!” 🙂


3 responses to “The Countdown Ends…

  1. PhilosopherP

    I know exactly how it feels to see your heart ride away to a fantastic opportunity.. This is probably the hardest time, but every parting is difficult… I found it helpful not to stay home after he left..

  2. 😦 Best of luck in the long-distance part.

  3. Thanks! Several days later I’m feeling quite a bit better. 🙂

    Looking forward to my mini-vacations in Boston starting with next week’s! I haven’t taken any days off from work since I started the new job at the beginning of the summer. Hadn’t even realized that until now! The fact that I get to leave this ridiculous mess of a city (see current post, ugh) two weekends a month bring a smile to my face.

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