The Inevitable Fallout From the Mosque “Debate”

It was only a matter of time before some bigoted moron decided to take matters into his own hands, and slashed an innocent man’s neck simply because he was Muslim…

Refer to my previous post of what life for a New Yorker was like before Palin, Gingrich, and Co. decided to get involved in the “controversy” over the proposed project that is now known around the country as the “Ground Zero Mosque” even though that’s not actually the case. This man’s blood is on their hands for stirring up a storm that most of us who actually live in this city would much rather not be dealing with. Do you have any idea how long the bidding and construction process takes here? No, of course you wouldn’t because you don’t live here and in the real world, this wouldn’t affect you in the least! But suffice it to say that this project has been in the planning and implementation stages for years and then you nitwits come in because you have nothing better to do and create a ridiculous media storm in order to turn a non-issue into an excuse for an upstate redneck to nearly kill an innocent man who happens to be his taxi driver.

To those responsible for creating this mess: you’re free to engage and believe in your own idiocy but please, do the rest of us a favor and refrain from disseminating it all over the country before the next bigoted moron actually succeeds in his/her attempts to kill an innocent human being.


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