Ah, the Weekend

I’ve managed to pack my first weekend away from le woman’s pretty tightly. In no short order I have already accomplished the following on a Friday evening:

  • Ran a fast nearly 5 mile loop in the Park at an 8:16 pace (I wish I could run the NYRR races in my own little lane because dodging the crowds for 80% of the race just kills my natural pace).
  • Send back Alan Wake video game disc that doesn’t work in my Xbox 360. Everything else works fine and the seller had a bit of a hissy fit, but it’s his problem for sending me a faulty disc. It’s certainly not my console.
  • Received a VERY important email that kicks off a very important and grueling process for me career-wise next week (and thus doing a happy dance followed by an “okay, must past this” serious dance).
  • Finally sat down and watched a movie I’ve been trying to watch for several months (Boondock Saints II).
  • Chatted it up with le woman’s via video iChat (I love Mac’s).
  • Fell asleep around midnight.
  • Received drunk texts from more than one person around 2 a.m. Phone’s ringer was off for precisely that reason.

And today? I have the following in no short order:

  • Wake up at 7:30 a.m. because I have to shower and get out to Queens for a dentist appt. Check.
  • Drink coffee. Check.
  • Make fun of aforementioned drunk text senders and the pain they’re about to experience when they wake up. Check.
  • Head to the dentist’s office. Pray for the absence of bad news.
  • Get Dunkin Donuts coffee and breakfast sandwich.
  • Meet prospective roommates in a gorgeous area of the city where I would love to move to.
  • Use the laser pointer on the wall and watch as the cat attempts to jump up the wall over and over again.
  • Play video games.
  • Eat pizza.

And tomorrow? I agreed to go into my last place of employment and cover them from 10-6, which means I get to earn some extra cash while I’m busy making myself busy so I don’t go stir-crazy. Then it’s off to the next week of work (plus super important email thing) and then she’s back! Just in time for us to pack everything into a U-Haul and head off into the Labor Day Weekend.

You see? I can do this. I’m sailing through. 🙂


One response to “Ah, the Weekend

  1. Cathy (Lauinger) Robinson

    I’m glad you are keeping yourself busy! The wife and I live together 2 days/week and apart the other 5. I work an hour and half away. Its hard but important to live your life. Just make sure to keep texting or calling about the “little things”, like the weird things you see (a train that has “gay peeps” on it in central IA), or the really stupid things you do (falling down the stairs and then telling everyone).

    I’m proud of you both for supporting the others’ dreams and goals! Good luck!

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