Reposting: Help identify this lunatic if you can!

Every now and then something comes along that completely destroys each and every thread of faith I have in humanity. Reading the news this morning has yielded yet another instance of this.

Gawker talks about a video posted yesterday on YouTube that shows a girl literally throwing baby puppies into a river, which presumably drowned, and highlights how a message board called “4chan” (which I’ve never heard of before but I approve of what they’re trying to do here) are apparently hot on her online trial trying to track down her identity. The video is still up, but I warn you, it’s graphic and I watched maybe 10 seconds of it before I turned it off. PETA, in one of it’s only moves that I’ve ever agreed with, offered a $2000 reward to whoever can identify her and the videographer.

I’m just doing my part to spread the word. Because this was one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in a LONG time. I hope she’s found (along with her videographer who stood by and did nothing to stop her) soon and criminally charged. It literally made me nauseous.


4 responses to “Reposting: Help identify this lunatic if you can!

  1. I’m afraid to look. Fuck people.

  2. As an aside from this, I am really surprised you’ve never heard of 4chan. While they are often the dregs of the internet, they are champs at catching animal abusers. They’ve done this several times before.

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