Boston v. NYC: Round 1

I’m on day three up in Boston visiting and I’m already drawing comparisons/contrasts between Boston and the city I live in (NYC). I guess the first two days don’t actually count as visiting since they consisted of packing up the old apartment, driving a U-Haul to Boston, unpacking said U-Haul, and then putting stuff away in the new apartment. Today’s the first real day that I’ve had to just hang out and evaluate Boston. Some fun things I’ve noticed so far:

  • Prices: Wow. Boston so has NYC beaten on this one it’s not even funny. With the (possible) exception of diversity in choices, Boston’s quality is no different from NYC. We went to a place within walking distance from her house, and I had the BEST baked Mac & Cheese dish ever. We’re on campus right now (I’m doing other work while she’s studying) and I just purchased a sandwich and drink in the on campus store for $5. I can’t even get that in the bodega in NYC. I’m still in shock over how cheap everything is!
  • Tourists: yeah, I don’t think it’s possible for NYC to win this one well…ever, but Boston’s got tourist attractions and TONS of history. But I don’t feel the same type of bombardment that I get when I’m in the city. It doesn’t help that I work near the Empire State Building.
  • Pace: yep, it’s nice not to be running at breakneck speeds once in a while. I’ve come to see Boston as my way out of the city on the weekend.
  • Mass transit: NYC. Even with the price gouging, the NYC transit system is far superior to Boston’s. It shuts down relatively early at night (yes, as a New Yorker I do consider 1 a.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends “early”), and it does not move at the pace that a mass transit system should. We took the green line *trolley* thing from her apartment to the campus, and I swear we spent more time stopped at the 6 or 7 stops in between than we did in transit. Still, I like the fact that a $20 Charlie Card’s going to last me 2 or 3 weekend trips.
  • Late night: again, the city that never sleeps wins. I remembered last night around midnight that I’d forgotten to purchase contact solution. There’s a 7-11 right down the block from the apartment, but it was already closed! So much for a “convenience” store!
  • Services: I spent at least an hour online today researching 3 major internet service providers in the Boston area trying to nail down internet service only to find out that TWO of the THREE are not offered in our particular area of Boston. This left me at the mercy of one ISP. I read some message boards online that essentially confirmed that geographic location plays a dominant role in which ISP you have to go with. You can find a similar situation in NYC, but not to the extent that you would find here.

Speaking of 7-11, there are 7-11’s on every street corner. This is awesome for one reason and one reason only: slurpees! Honestly, I haven’t had one yet, but it’s also been pretty chilly the entire time I’ve been here. Tomorrow’s supposed to be 86, and I plan on doing a run tomorrow while she’s in classes, so there may be a slurpee in my very near future.


One response to “Boston v. NYC: Round 1

  1. Boston is superior. That’s it. No arguments.

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