Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the first edition of the weekly roundup. What is the weekly roundup? To be honest, it’s my way to compensate for a week’s worth of items and news stories that I’ve originally wanted to write about, but could not find the time to do so. It’s also my way of saying “yeah sorry, I’ve been busy and couldn’t post!” So without further ado:

  • I spent 5 days in Boston this past weekend moving ze girlfriend into her apartment there. This included fun with a U-Haul, state police out in force thanks to the Labor Day weekend, ridiculous New York State speed limit laws, a near 5 mile run through the city and discovery of the ridiculous hills there, time spent on her back porch (!), etc. There was stress, there was fun, and there was 5 days spent with my favorite person on the planet. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • You gotta love the world of police that New York’s CompStat has created. Tapes came out last week exposing what policing can be turned into when the CompStat culture gets totally out of hand and the emphasis is entirely on the numbers and not on the actual law enforcement problems in the community. The top-down nature of policing under CompStat literally means that the sergeant issuing the orders heard in these tapes gets dressed down by his commander who gets dressed down by the precinct captain who in turns gets dressed down on a weekly basis by the CompStat board. Loads of fun and a great direction for the NYPD to go instead of focusing on real policing…
  • I came back from Boston just in time to get my first root canal on Thursday afternoon. I decided, being the wonderfully intelligent person that I am, to fully research the procedure online so that I knew exactly what was about to happen to me. Luckily, my dentist’s office features some pretty amazing doctors, and I did not feel anything during the procedure. I mean it. I didn’t feel anything. I saw what was happening to me and the tools used, so I was ready at certain junctures to indicate the pain that I was sure was about to come when said tool was being used, but it never happened. The most pain I’ve felt is a sore jaw from being cranked open for so long.
  • Speaking of that root canal, I ran my first race of the fall/winter season yesterday morning (less than 48 hours after the root canal had taken place). I was up in the faster group of women, and I definitely ran like crazy the entire 4 miles. When I saw the finish line and the clock, I realized that the time was definitely lower than my fastest time so far, so I sprinted to the finish to salvage what I knew was a personal best. The results came out and sure enough, I knocked 20 seconds off my best clocked pace (from 8:34 per mile to 8:14 per mile). Comparatively I finished in the 500s out of 3000, so I was very happy with my performance. The 8:14 actually jives with what I can normally do by myself in the Park, and I know it helped to not be stuck back with a slower crowd and spend half the race trying to get around them. Oh, and there was no jaw pain during the race.
  • After the race a friend and I met for a much deserved brunch in Astoria, and then headed over to the theatre to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3D. I liked it, though Resident Evil: Apocalypse is still my favorite by far. As my friend described it, Afterlife is kinda like The Matrix with zombies. The slo-mo got a little old after a while, and the director definitely used it a little too much, but the movie was enjoyable to say the least…and there’s clearly going to be another one coming given the ending. I will say this for Afterlife: it was FAR better than the third movie, which I thought was just awful. Besides, Milla Jovovich had a random mullet thing going on in the third movie and I couldn’t stop staring at it…
  • An interesting story came out this morning about Microsoft’s apparent sanctioning of a Russian police crackdown on various human rights and environmentalist groups in the country. Russian police claim that they are looking for pirated Microsoft software and coincidentally are only breaking into the offices and headquarters of groups and organizations that are clearly opposed to the current Russian government and Prime Minister Putin. What’s Microsoft’s take on it? They’re the “victim” of software piracy, the offenders should be criminally charged, and what are you talking about selective enforcement by Russian authorities? We have no idea. Right.

Well there you have it. Random bits of entertainment, news, and life updates. If I don’t update for a while, expect one of these coming down the pipeline. This month has turned into the busiest month of life for some reason, so this may be a regular thing for a little while. ๐Ÿ™‚


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