A Literally Killer Storm Sweeps through NYC

Well that’s new. I knew there was something up with my 5pm commute home, but I didn’t realize what until I got out of the station and faced a torrential horizontal downpour.

Needless to say, I was drenched during the walk/jog of the two blocks between my station and my apartment building. In the meantime, the sky was flashing every couple of seconds with lightning, and it was definitely booming.

My neighborhood didn’t get the worst of it though. No, the neighborhood I’m about to move to actually go the worst of it and most likely the tornado touchdown. The park that I’m about to adopt as a runner (Prospect Park) pretty much lost all of its trees during the storm. What a nice homecoming when I move at the end of the month…

Unfortunately it looks like the initial TV reports of no serious injuries were incorrect. It’s being reported that at least one person was killed and others are seriously injured as a result of this storm. It literally happened during the busiest rush hour in the city, so it would have been nothing short of a miracle had there been no casualties. 😦

It left as quickly as it came, and on the bright side, I made it to the gym for a run and weights workout. Managed to get 4 miles in on the treadmill in 34 minutes (normally don’t like running on them anymore, but it was clearly not safe to be running outside with downed trees and whatnot), and 35 minutes on the XpressLine weights regimen. Good thing too. I’ll be heading up to Boston for my birthday this weekend for what will surely be a prime example of over-indulgence (food and fine craft beer).


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