How to Procrastinate Moving/Packing: Parte Uno

So here I sit, in my apartment ready to start really packing it up for the move on Sunday. I’ve got the cargo van reserved, and I’m scheduled to pick it up a couple hours after the race on Sunday morning! I’ve got a couple friends ready to help me that day, and I’ve offered to bribe them with beer and pizza if there’s any good pizza parlors around my new neighborhood!

So why haven’t I started yet? Well that’s easy. Clearly, I needed to do the following before I start:

  • Ate my first dinner consisting of a meat tortellini and roasted garlic alfredo sauce.
  • Throw some laundry in downstairs just because.
  • Chat with people on iChat. Gotta catch up with everyone you know!
  • Rediscover Sage Francis on my iTunes…you know, just because.
  • Consider playing Mass Effect for a while because my clothes are in the laundry and I just can’t start packing without those clothes…
  • Research places online to find Dogfish Punkin Ale (because I need it to bribe those aforementioned friends you know!)
  • Play with the themes on FireFox because it needs a new look.
  • Etc.

Clearly, I have more important things to do than get my things and apt ready to throw into the back of a cargo van on Sunday afternoon and drive it on down to my new neighborhood.


One response to “How to Procrastinate Moving/Packing: Parte Uno

  1. Anthony Fitzgerald

    LOL!!!!! Get packing ya lazy ass!

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