How to Procrastinate Moving/Packing: Parte Dos

First of all, to give kudos to myself, I am nearly finished getting everything packed up. The bedroom is finished, the living room is nearly there, and the kitchen is about halfway. Even after sleeping in past 10 I’ve managed to get a huge majority of everything done by 6:00 pm. That said, I’ve now managed to engage in some good procrastination tactics over the past hour and a half. Without further ado, here they are:

  • Spoke with ze womans for about 45 minutes. This actually achieved maximum procrastination because it helped both her and I avoid what we needed to get finished tonight. I believe those are some bonus procrastination points there.
  • Stare at the foodstuffs cabinet and ponder “how on earth did we accumulate all of this?!? And why did we bring an already expired tub of Crisco into our new apt?” Said tub of Crisco expired two full months prior to our moving in together.
  • Examine the random bottles of liquor leftover from parties, dinners, etc., and attempt to dream up a magic concoction. In stock I have: melon liqueur, blue curacao, triple sec, a 2008 bottle of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, Jameson, Malibu rum, blue raspberry martini mix, a 2003 bottle of a red Spanish Rioja wine purchased in 2008, Patron, and I think that’s it. The magic of liquor accumulation for 2 years…now what to do with it all.
  • Examine the 100-song Genius playlist iTunes created for me based off Bad Religion’s song “New Dark Ages” and nod approvingly.
  • Remember that I’m going to see them next month on the last night of their 3-day stint in NYC for their 30th anniversary tour and squeal like a school girl. Twice. 🙂
  • Think about making dinner.
  • Thumb through my passport, which I found while packing up and cleaning. Remember the possibly drunken Irish customs agent who haphazardly stamped my passport in a way that rendered the entire page unusable. Thanks dude.
  • Think about taking the last of the curtains down that are right in my view…and then return to typing out this post.
  • Think about playing some Lego Harry Potter tonight.
  • Stare at Apple’s downloads page and think “what else do I need on my computer?” I finally downloaded Weather Vane onto my Mac and LOVE it. I love having the weather right there on my menu bar.

Unlike last night, I’ve actually accomplished a lot this time around, but I’m now back in procrastination mode. I’m pretty much to the point where I’m ready to just start carting things down the stairs into the back of the cargo van I’ve reserved for tomorrow. Tomorrow I do need to take the A/C out of the window, which should be fun, but it was actually hot today so I was forced to use it. Thus rendering it impossible for me to take it out today!

Alrighty then, onto that dinner! And then some Lego Harry Potter!


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