Separate but Equal

Or “live and let live”.

Or “I don’t agree with it but they should be able to do what they want…”

And it’s unsurprising results:

Two teens and one adult brutalized in the Bronx for being gay.

Simultaneous hate crime attacks in the Stonewall Inn and in the neighborhood of Chelsea.

The surge in media reporting on LGBT suicides (notice I say surge in media reporting and not increase in committing suicide for being gay because that’s certainly not the case).

The list goes on…

And at the same time, this is going on:

Mormon leader attacks the LGBT community for simply existing (AFTER the surge in media reporting on LGBT suicide…nice timing you douche).

Michigan’s Attorney General gets away with harassing a University of Michigan student for being gay.

The Obama administration weighs the option of appealing the decision overturning DADT (remember, this was the candidate that said he was our ally?).

Gay marriage is currently banned in 29 states.

And again the list goes on. Is it any wonder that the LGBT community is growing increasingly suspicious and wary of society at large? Of the “communities” that allow this to happen over and over again, and literally do nothing about it. The message is clear. Our very existence is a threat to you. By doing nothing, and saying nothing, you are part of the culture and society that drives teenagers to jump off a bridge for being gay and a community that turns the other way when 3 gay men are beaten, tortured, and sodomized for simply existing. You vote “sanctity of marriage” acts into place and legalize discrimination against us. This is not a problem with us; it’s a problem with you. You can only kick someone while they’re down for so long before they retaliate. Lets hope it doesn’t actually get to that point.


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