Texts in my Outbox

I just read that AJ Burnett is back in the starting line-up for the Yankees first game in the ALCS, and that game is set for this Friday when I’m in Boston. Now, she really doesn’t like AJ (unless we’re talking in comparison to Joba who she REALLY doesn’t like), so I felt it my duty to warn her since she’s probably too busy with that silly law school thing to know about it yet. I just sent the following text to her:

Wow. AJ is pitching friday’s game 1. Speaking of which, any chance you’ll have enough work done so we can go watch it? I miss watching baseball with you and beating you at gin rummy…

For those of you playing the home game, she’s the one who taught me how to play that game, and she likes to think that she’s better at it than I am. *grin*

(I wonder how much trouble I’m going to get into for this one…)


3 responses to “Texts in my Outbox

  1. A lot. πŸ˜‰

    I’d like to address the inaccuracies in your above post. First, Burnett is my LEAST favorite Yankee, beyond Joba (whom I think the Yankees messed up), and ARod (who I just generally dislike). Second, I AM better than you at gin rummy, and just because you like to play doesn’t make you better πŸ˜‰

    xo – me

  2. Anthony Fitzgerald

    Ooo, le burn.

  3. I still win at gin rummy more often. πŸ˜›

    I’ll show you this weekend!

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