Random October Musings

On a blog about musings! Fancy that.

  • I just pre-ordered the new Fallout: New Vegas game from Best Buy. ZOMG! OMG! OMG! EEEEE!!!! It comes with free Fallout coasters! HAH!
  • I’m leaving for Boston tomorrow after work for a whole weekend of *poke* “hey! Love me! Pay attention to me!” to the law student whose starting to come under the fall semester finals crunch.
  • Apparently NYC is in for another massive storm tonight. Gotta love those Nor’Easters. Just try not to send golfball-size hail through my window this time, or tear the trees down in my backyard.
  • I finally bought a platform metal bed frame two days ago, and it’s supposed to be delivered next week. I’ll have a big kid bed again soon! Just in time for some major Fallout playing!
  • Remember that dude that Vice President Cheney shot in the face five years ago? Apparently he’s  now cognizant of the fact that he could have died during the incident. No kidding Sherlock! The best part is that he is the one who’s apologized to the Cheney family as opposed to the other way around. Cheney still hasn’t apologized to this day. Still.
  • The Chilean miners are out! Talk about a scary ordeal to go through!
  • While it looks more than likely that the federal government will appeal this week’s ruling by a federal judge to place an injunction on DADT, that’s not stopping many people from pleading with the Obama administration to make a decision to not appeal. I feel like it’s a foregone conclusion that he will because he is clinging to the rationale that as the federal government, it’s his duty to defend its laws in open court. I just wish he’d be a bit more practical and realize that the GOP stopped “playing by the rules” years ago; continuing to do so will only lose Obama many of the issues he called priorities during his campaign.

EDIT: To add this gem that I didn’t find until after I’d posted this. As Dan Savage puts it so eloquently, “f*ck your feelings!


2 responses to “Random October Musings

  1. Explain to me why Chile can rescue their miners but we can’t? Where was that little Jetson’s tubey thing when we needed it here?

  2. I know, right? I think it’s because there’s no way Americans would do the dancing or the chanting that the Chileans were doing. That’s my own personal theory anyway.

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