WHY does…

…the cat INSIST on dumping her food onto the floor before she eats it?

I’m serious. She scoops it out with her paw, dumps it onto the floor, and then eats it off the floor. Normally she only scoops two or three out a time, but I literally just watched her pick up an entire paw full and *crash* dump it all over the floor.

Does it taste better down there on the floor? Do you have some weird sense of satisfaction knowing that you tower over your prey (e.g. Iams cat food)?? Or do you just insist on drive me bonkers with this habit of yours?!?

Oh, and if she decides that she’s full mid-paw scoop? She just leaves it on the floor for later, and guess who gets to pick it up and put it back in the bowl just to have it get dumped out again at a later time?


5 responses to “WHY does…

  1. Anthony Fitzgerald

    I just bought Jet one of those flowing water fountain water bowls. I figured it’s better than her licking the bathtub facet. At least she stared at it for a full on minute before looking at me and walking away…

  2. I feel like Toni would figure out a way to dump THAT onto the floor. I don’t know how, but she’d find a way.

  3. I feel as though dogs are equally insane. For example, Georgia (the no-eyed dog) digs an imaginary hole in the blanket, walks around in a circle for a good three minutes and finally lays down and licks her chops audibly for about ten minutes before she realizes she’s comfy. She refuses to eat unless I’m in the room with her. Also, when we fed Georgia out in the open (we feed her in her crate now so Obe doesn’t have a chance to steal the food) she would put four or five pieces in her mouth, carry them over to the corner, drop them all on the carpet and then eat them one by one. WEIRD.

    Of course, they say animals start to resemble their owners so do you dump your food onto the floor before you eat it? Be honest . . .

  4. Anthony Fitzgerald

    I think I’ve seen Shea do this…

  5. NO!!! I…I don’t…

    *picks bagel up off floor*

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