Running Shoes and Firefighters

Interesting title, eh?

After much procrastination, I finally went into Super Runners Shop and purchased a new pair of running shoes using the $50 gift card my friends got me for my birthday last month. My old shoes were badly in need of retirement and now they can rest in the old folks’ home and live out the rest of their days in peace and quiet (read: the back of my closet most likely). Thanks to my friends’ generosity (and not so subtle hints of “go buy new running shoes! NOW!”), I ended up paying $54 after tax for a $100 pair of running shoes. Double like. You can’t really find a decent pair of running shoes for less than $80-$90, and it is my health that’s at stake here, but if I don’t spend more than I have to, well, I’m all for that. 🙂

I made it home after my shopping trip and headed back out to stop by the supermarket for basic things like cereal, milk, etc., and when I turned the corner onto my street during my walk back home, I was immediately greeted with lights and firetrucks. When I turn onto my street from the direction of my supermarket, I have to walk almost to the other end to get to my apartment building. Wouldn’t you know it, but the firetruck looked like it was parked right in front of my building and the closer I got, the more it looked like it was in front of my building. Sure enough, I get in range and there’s a group of 7 firefighters standing right outside my gate and my first thought was “aren’t they going to stop me from going inside?” followed by “my roommates better have grabbed my cat!” Then the door to the building right next to mine opened up, and firefighters were coming out of there.

Whew! Talk about a close call and nice adrenaline boost to my evening! Clearly there wasn’t a raging fire (otherwise it would have affected us here), but something apparently happened during the 20 minutes I was gone to warrant a firetruck and firefighters.

Oh New York…you always do have a way of keeping things exciting, don’t you?

P.S. If you’re wondering about the roommates, they assured me that had there been an issue in our building, they would’ve grabbed Toni for me.

P.P.S. I had to resist the urge to throw my new shoes on and test them out because I already went to the gym this morning and biked 22 miles, but you best believe I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow and ready to break them in!


One response to “Running Shoes and Firefighters

  1. I love that your thought was of Toni. Fire priorities for me are: Matt, kitties, computers/external HD, then anything else.

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