Election 2010 Results

It’s official.

“Crazy” Carl Paladino lost his bid to become Governor of the State of New York.

Thank [insert deity of choice here]! I do not have to flee New York as a political/sanity refugee! I do not have some idiot spouting homophobic/racist epithets and sending out pornographic emails to his staffers and campaign workers as the sole person responsible for running the government of the state that I live in. I’m safe in my little New York bubble for now…immune to the crazy that’s taken over other parts of the country. For now.



2 responses to “Election 2010 Results

  1. I find it hard to believe that he was even viewed as a viable candidate… Such a weird election this year.

    • To be honest, he wasn’t seen as *too* serious of a candidate, but that was more because of his own gaffes and inability to manage the media than anything else. Thankfully he looked to be sunk before the polls opened, but I made sure to go do my part to keep it that way!

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