2011 NYC Half-Marathon

So we didn’t make it, and judging by the NYRR page on Facebook, pretty much no New Yorkers seemed to make it into the 2011 NYC Half-Marathon through the lottery! Needless to say, grab some popcorn and read your way through some angry responses on their page from no other source than the finest of New York City rage (imagine Friday afternoon rush hour + MTA stoppages + smelly train cars + no one had their afternoon coffee fix = maybe 30% of the rage levels that exist on that Facebook page right now…New Yorkers have this skill down). Though I have to admit that the fact that it seems like almost no New Yorkers got into the race is kind of lame. Come on guys, we make up the majority of people who run your races all year, we pay your annual $40 membership fee, and we’re from here! Why are you giving out all of your lottery spots to out-of-towners?

Me? I’m not even close to that level of angry because while yes, it kinda sucks that neither I nor Anthony got into it, some better (and FAR cheaper) options surfaced after we’d already submitted our $5 registration fee for the lottery and it would have been too late to rescind our applications if we had wanted to. Now that neither of us have to pay the $89 entry fee to run the NYC Half in March 2011, we can look toward the alternative of the 2011 Brooklyn Half in May (link to this year’s information because next year’s is not up yet), which ends at Coney Island and features a beach party afterward. The best part? $25! That’s it. It costs $25 to run that race, which equals a $64 savings! Additionally, instead of having to do the majority of training in the freezing and dark winter months of January and February, we can now do our training in the warm(er) and lighter months of March and April! Bonus!

There is also the 2011 Queens Half in July (link to this year’s information because next year’s is not up yet), and I’m not sure about amenities or parties afterward, but it also clocks in at, you guessed it, $25! Combined the two races are still nearly $40 less than the one NYC Half-Marathon! While the Queens Half may be a lot hotter if this past summer is any indication, the Brooklyn one in May should be fine. Even with our debilitating heat waves this past summer, the 10K race the two of us ran this past May was in perfect weather, so hopefully we can expect the same during the Brooklyn Half.

See? The glass can be half full sometimes. 🙂


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