Figuring out this Twitter thing…

Hah, it may take a while. I’ve finally managed to sync it up to my MapMyRun account with the hope of connecting to a larger community of New York runners as I prepare to take on the 2011 NYC marathon as well as one (but possibly two) half-marathons! It will be a first time for me on both the marathon and half-marathon count, so any added help and knowledge will be welcome!

As for getting this website synced up to Twitter, well…let’s just say that took a bit longer. 😉 But I think I’ve got it figured out, and when I publish this post, it should also send a direct update to the account I’ve created on Twitter. I’ve played around a little bit with my new Twitter account, and I am now “following” a couple of friends but mainly news feeds and shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead. Hopefully in the future this will be an effective tool in finding other runners and running organizations in the tri-state area who are involved in the same races that I am!

Or perhaps, this account will fall by the wayside and become one of those millions of Twitter accounts that lay dormant and forgotten in the ever-expanding abyss that is the internet. The only function I understand so far is the @ sign. Don’t get me started on the other stuff because I have NO idea. 🙂


4 responses to “Figuring out this Twitter thing…

  1. You’re on Twitter?!

  2. What’s your @name?

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