Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

As I sit up in M’s apartment up in Boston, starting the last day of 2010 with some espresso from the brand new espresso machine I gave her and some Lady Gaga on the iTunes (yep, I said it…I love her), I figured now would be a good time to re-appear from my notable absence here and to write the obligatory New Year’s Eve post. So here goes…

Goodbye 2010! You brought me many things:

  • A new, more fulfilling job that pays more. Win in all directions.
  • A long distance relationship, which has made me a Boston to New York bus line connoisseur. Boo in all directions.
  • A long distance relationship still going strong in all directions despite the distance and the stress of a 1L year. Mega-win in all directions. 🙂
  • Exposure to living in a new borough (Brooklyn), which I actually like but I recognize that I’m meant to live in Manhattan.
  • Also exposure to a lengthy and absolutely thorough hiring process that I am still involved in. This experience has developed a newfound appreciation of all those who have successfully gone through said process before me.
  • Successful completion of the 9+1 race requirement for NYRR in order to get guaranteed entry into the 2011 ING NYC Marathon.
  • The first full year of dedicated running/training, which has done wonders for how I feel physically and emotionally.
  • Along the same lines, this dedication had a lot to do with the fully clean bill of health I received in December after going through a full (and I mean FULL) medical exam. I’m only 26, but to know that everything’s working like it should is always a good thing to know.
  • For those of you who knew me in high school, remember that time I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia? I’ve been thinking that was a misdiagnosis for quite some time and I learned in that full medical exam that my glucose levels are, wait for it, perfectly normal. I may be needing M’s soon to be lawyering skills in the future… 😉

What’s in store for 2011?

  • An LSAT in June. Why? Because my first one has expired. Boo in all directions.
  • More of that lengthy and thorough hiring process, which will undoubtedly be linked to an even greater respect for all those who came before me.
  • A half marathon or two.
  • The 2011 ING NYC marathon.
  • …and much more I’m sure.

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