Back to Reality

After a nearly two week hiatus from work, the gym, life, NYC, etc., I am back in the city and heading back to work and life’s routines. Before I go any further, I’d like to issue a special shout out to the NYC Sanitation Department for doing such a lovely job cleaning up after the epic blizzard on December 26th, which resulted in garbage collection being non-existent until earlier today, Monday, January 3rd. From a friend’s text messages, it sounds like NYC is stankarific right now and I’m so excited to be back in it. On the bright side, the ridiculously slow response by NYC Sanitation apparently saved someone’s life over the weekend

Normally after a two week vacation in my world, I am itching to get back and into the swing of things again. I have this thing with going stir crazy relatively quickly, and I’m pretty much always ready to dive back in even though one or two weeks prior I couldn’t wait to get out of it all for a few days. I think everyone has a certain breaking point when it comes to going stir crazy after not doing anything “productive” for a while, but I’m perfectly willing to admit that my breaking point tends to hit incredibly quickly. I can’t help it though; I’ve always been this way. Not this time though. No, this time I was not all excited about the prospect of coming back to the city and to work, and it’s not because I don’t like the city or my work or working out at the gym. I actually love living in the city (even when the Sanitation Department conveniently forgets about the outer boroughs and that whole trash collection thing) and everything I do in it. No, the reason is this: after spending nearly two weeks with M, everything felt back to normal and it was like there was no long distance thing or law school thing doing everything they can to wedge themselves in between us. To be honest, within 12 hours together everything was back to normal and at that point we had two whole weeks together to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Perfect!

Not that the time spent together wasn’t perfect. To be fair, I couldn’t think of a better way for it to have been spent. We had the holidays together, new coffee drinks on a new espresso machine, dinner at our favorite Indian and German restaurants in the city, a couple of pints at a cool pub right next to where I live in Brooklyn, exploration of some of Boston’s history including the Black Heritage Trail, spending New Year’s Eve with good friends, etc etc. Last night (my last night before we separated again for another semester of law school), we had the very glamorous night of baking about 12,000 cookies (ginger snaps and chocolate chip!) and watching the last two Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back because I’d already re-watched the first one for the first time in years a couple weeks ago. While this may not have been as exciting for some, it was just the right way to end both of our vacations (since it really was a vacation for both of us after first semester law school finals). My complaint about all of this is very simple: it went by too fast. Way too fast. Now I’m heading back to my life in NYC and she’s back to her life in Boston. The biweekly bus trips up to Boston will resume (though we did discover this morning that President’s Day weekend is in two weeks so the very first time I come up this semester will be an extended weekend!) as we try to hold onto what we had over these past two weeks: spending life together as best we can and enjoying every minute of it. 🙂 It’s back to reality for both of us for another semester, and as you can probably imagine, we were both pretty equally excited about it… 😉


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  1. I love you baby.

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