This is what a zombie apocalypse might look like…

In NYC that is….

If you think about it, the city was shut down for several days (and not really running at full capacity for about a week, maybe a little longer) after the epic snowstorm of December 26, 2010, hit. NYC Sanitation halted all garbage pick up and did not resume it until yesterday, January 3, 2011. However, I still discovered this during my lunch break:

If you’re thinking this was found in the nether regions of Brooklyn or Queens, think again. Spotted this nice mountain near the corner of 28th Street and 5th Avenue…you know, one of the “nice” areas of Manhattan. It’s worth it to note that I could not fit a pile of xmas trees sitting to the left of this pile into the photo but trust me, they were there. I thought I’d discovered the biggest pile of garbage out there until I stumbled across this on my way home from the gym tonight (no joke, I witnessed one person literally stumble over it!):

A little darker (since it gets dark before 5:00 these days), but you get the picture. Again, this is in a “nice” area of Manhattan on 35th Street between Madison and Park Avenues.

So why the comparison to the zombie apocalypse? Well, a) I’m almost done with a great zombie apocalypse set in NYC novel called Pariah by Bob Fingerman, and b) what’s the first thing to go in every theatrical and/or video game rendition of said apocalypse? Basic city services. Like what New Yorkers have been experiencing for the past week or so…thankfully I haven’t spotted any rats running around. Yet.

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, this girl is my new hero. I don’t know Spencer but I think he got what he deserved. šŸ˜‰


3 responses to “This is what a zombie apocalypse might look like…

  1. Scottie Ann Kelly

    HAHAHAHAHA!! You made my day with the post about the girl!! She gets a kudos from me!!!

  2. Scottie Ann Kelly

    So sad! just showed that it was a hoax.. *tear*

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