Snow DAY!!

I am experiencing my first snow day ever. To celebrate, I’m studying for the LSAT and calling into my voicemail every hour or so to check for client emergencies. In order for you to share in my celebration, I offer some photos! Wooo! Exciting! (translation: I’m spending just enough time on this update to fulfill a short “study break” requirement…)

Look. SNOW on my street!

And hey, look at this! MTA died (though I’m sure no one living in New York is surprised at this one…)!

On that note, it’s back to studying. Today would be a perfect day to go out for a run since I’m not in the office, but that would make me crazy, and hey, I’m not that crazy (says the woman who went ahead with her 9 mile run last Saturday in literally subzero weather…). Looks like I get to contend with the gym treadmills (again) instead.


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