Upcoming Race Schedule (NYRR)

This past weekend I ran the Gridiron 4M race and smashed my PR for a new pace of 7:57 per mile (31:50 finish):

I was especially happy with this as I was not expecting to clock a PR much less smash my previous one (8:14 per mile), but clearly my training over the past couple of months has been paying off! I promptly ended up deathly ill about an hour or so afterward, even though I woke up just fine that morning, and after numerous cocktails of OJ and Emergen-C plus Sudafed and Tylenol, over the past two days, I seem to be on the mend right now.

For now, my upcoming “season” if you will will look something like this:

(Tentative) NYRR Al Gordon Classic (4M) in Prospect Park – Feb. 26th
Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks (5K) in Washington Heights – March 6th
New York Colon Cancer Challenge (15K) in Central Park – March 27th
[random 1 or 2 races in April…not sure yet]
UAE Healthy Kidney (10K) in Central Park – May 14th
Brooklyn Half-Marathon starting in Prospect Park heading to Coney Island – May 21st


Just a spring schedule on my way to 2011 ING NYC Marathon glory!!


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