Recap: Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, & Shamrocks 5K race

I woke up early this morning and braved the rain and wet weather in order to run the 13th annual Coogan’s 5K race up in my old neighborhood of Washington Heights. Currently I have a healthy dose of Icy Hot on my right calf to try and help with some of the cramping that began near the end of my Friday night run over Manhattan Bridge and back…I forgot how effective this stuff is! (and how bad it smells!) šŸ˜‰

NY1 was there and has a cool little recap and video about the race. I learned that this is apparently the “world’s most diverse” race, which is pretty cool to have been a part of!

Given the condition of my right calf (nothing serious really, but would rather not turn it into something serious) and the fact that I have a certain physical fitness test to pass a week from tomorrow, I decided in advance to “take it easy” today. I love that my “take it easy” pace is now 8:19 (and I even stopped myself from trucking it on the downhill last part of the race!):

I’m very happy with where my training has taken me and the improvements I’ve seen. About 6 months ago I posted a pace similar to this, which was a PR at the time.

I didn’t stick around for Coogan’s as the line was already out the door and near the end of the block by the time we got there, but I was also soaking wet and wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a hot cup of coffee. Had it been nicer out I would’ve checked it out (you can’t go wrong with free food and beer), but alas…maybe next year! I did get a green bagel after the race though, so that was kind of fun! My plans for today include playing Halo: Reach, eating, and maybe playing some more Halo: Reach. Not a bad rainy Sunday.


One response to “Recap: Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, & Shamrocks 5K race

  1. 24 min, 3 mile runs were standard for me in Germany. I haven’t quite hit that mark yet. I didn’t even really realize at the time how badass I was for running that. It’s a freaking awesome feeling! I should be back there soon.

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