Upcoming Race: The Colon Cancer Challenge 15K

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been essentially negligent when it comes to updating this thing, but I promise it’s been for a good cause! Namely, this (as well as, admittedly, other life stuff):

Thanks to the incredibly awesome and charitable friends/family I have, the initial $100 goal I’d set was blasted out of the water fairly quickly after I’d sent out the initial email link. After that happened, I raised it to $500 and more and more people have been signing onto the cause, which has been fantastic!

There’s less than a week to go until the 15K race in Central Park (course map here), and my fellow training partner and I just ran a great 8.2 miler up the west side of Manhattan yesterday. As you should probably know if you read this website, I am steadily training toward two Half-Marathons this summer and (the “big one”) the 2011 ING NYC Marathon this November. Along the way I decided to try and run in races that benefited some sort of cause, and this particular 15K was an obvious choice since the foundation that sponsors it has set a goal of $400,000, which must come from runners’ fundraising efforts alone. If, and when, the NYRR announced a fundraising run effort (much like they did for Haiti last year, which raised $500,000 in 24 hours and I proudly ran in) for Japan, I’ll be involved in that too!

The widget I put in this post should make it very simple to get to my fundraising page if you’d like to be involved! This 15K (9.3 miles) will be the longest distance I’ve put down in an NYRR race, and it’s roughly 4 miles less than what I’ll be putting down on the Half-Marathons I’m running later this year. Right now I’m at $287, and I’ve set a goal for $500, so hit me with your best shot! (and subsequently have that song stuck in your head for the next 15 minutes…) šŸ˜‰


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