Recap: Colon Cancer Challenge 15K

Apologies for the delay in posting this…I’ve been in full force studying for the LSAT in June (I’m coming to love the Logic Games actually), getting ready to go to Boston to visit the coolest person ever this weekend, and trying to fight off this damned head cold that is putting up a valiant fight against my Emergen-C, Sudafed, and my whining for it to go away.

Where was I again? Oh right, the Colon Cancer Challenge 15K. I woke up the day before and the day of the race with a slight sore throat (the beginning of what has turned into an epic head cold this week), and thanks to the “late” start at 11:15 am, which I really didn’t mind all that much, I was able to sleep in until 8:00 am, leisurely drink a cup of coffee and eat my ritual pre-race PowerBar, and jump on a train with Margot to Central Park. She decided to surprise me by coming down from Boston to see this race because it’s the biggest race I’ve been in so far, and it was a big deal because of the charity drive attached to it that I participated in. Thanks to the enormous generosity of friends and family, I was able to raise $367.30 for the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation through the FirstGiving website. Even though the race is over, the charity page I set up on FirstGiving is still open and accepting donations through June 27, 2011!

For those who are uninitiated in road racing and/or unable to convert kilometers into miles, 15K is actually 9.3 miles. This is probably the closest one can get to a half-marathon (13.1 miles) without actually running a half-marathon. If you follow me here, then you already know that I’m planning on doing the Brooklyn Half-Marathon in a little less than two months, so this 15K was a great race to incorporate into my training plan for the Brooklyn Half. I completed the 15K in 1:18, which comes out to roughly 8:25 minutes per mile. The more mileage I add, the more I realize that my pace won’t really fluctuate all that much in the two Half-Marathons and maybe even the ING NYC Marathon this year (one would expect it to get slower as the miles increase, but that hasn’t been the case…in fact, it’s been the opposite). So all in all, a great experience!

I’ll end this recap with some good photos the race:

(pre-race) I’ll let Anthony’s caption for this say it all: “Ah the classic Shea face. It says “let’s go/gimme/I’m hungry/shut up/are we done yet/what??/It’s cold/It’s hot/I’m bored/I will DESTROY you”.”

(during race) Anthony and I getting started. Notice the winter running gear? Yeah, even though it’s the end of March and Spring has “officially” landed, it’s still FREEZING outside!! Boo!!

(during race) Yup, giant inflatable colon. Margot and Beth went over the Colon Cancer Challenge Expo thing and saw this.

(during the race) Literally 9.25 miles in at this point! My hand was up to high-five Margot near the finish line.

(post-race) Team stretch!

(post-race) FOOD!! Must have food now!!!

(post-race) ❀ She’s cute. πŸ™‚


7 responses to “Recap: Colon Cancer Challenge 15K

  1. Hell yeah! That’s an awesome pace. Way to kick it! And is that the Anthony that ganged up on you with me over facebook? πŸ˜‰ I’d love to meet him someday. Hahaha! Super stoked for you!

  2. Also seriously?! Changed relationship status on fb, let’s get a closeup of the ring/story of what happened!

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