Weekly Roundup

The following is my attempt (one after many failed attempts admittedly) to keep some semblance of a regular update going on here:

  • After a ridiculous episode occurred two weeks ago when I attempted to get a routine eye exam in order to update my contacts prescription (seriously, click the linked Yelp review and scroll down a bit to get to mine…the first one is my update after being harassed by the doctor/owner and the second was my original after I said “no thanks” to paying $175 for a routine eye exam), I managed to get into a place in downtown Brooklyn via 1-800-CONTACTS that gave me the exam, prescription updates, free trial pair of lenses, and follow up exam for under $100. AND, the doctor (who I actually liked) gave me a new pair of more breathable lenses to try, and I noticed the difference immediately. Yay!
  • Last weekend my friend and I learned what it was like to throw ourselves off a platform 3 stories high, and we landed (several times) without injury! We went to this place, where they actually train stunt people for the movies. The group was a little too large for my tastes, but it was fun!
  • After plenty (and I mean *plenty*) of evidence to the contrary, it looks like the Knicks might actually be competitive in the first round. Who woulda thought that?!
  • This week I started, and finished, The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins via the Amazon Kindle app for the iPod Touch. If you haven’t read it already, do yourself a favor and get/buy/download it and read it. Such a fascinating and enjoyable story!
  • I’ve been getting into the habit of doing my half-marathon training runs in the morning like this one when I ran to the Promenade in Brooklyn and got to see the Manhattan skyline in the early morning before anyone else is awake, but I also opted for times spent in the early evening when the weather’s in the high 60s / low 70s going over the Manhattan Bridge and checking out the skyline from another angle.
  • A little over an hour ago I walked in my apartment after a largely uneventful bus trip back to NYC from a weekend spent in Boston. Given my past history with Bolt Bus, this was quite the shock, but I couldn’t argue with the $2.50 roundtrip ticket price I found online a few weeks ago, which is the only reason I actually went back to them. Still, there were some elements of the same old Bolt Bus I’ve come to recognize ala the bus driver coming on and gruffly announcing “this is a NONSTOP bus to NYC. It will be making only one stop and that’s at 34th and 8th. If your WiFi or electrical outlets aren’t working now, they won’t be working when we get moving. Thanks and enjoy your ride!” Um, thanks? (and of course, the WiFi wasn’t working)
  • Took a practice LSAT this morning before I left Boston. It was LOADS of fun. Can’t wait to do more [/sarcasm]. I followed it with leftover pizza from Friday evening, an ice cream cone, and a latte from Margot’s espresso machine.
  • (EDIT) Edited to add that in the same weekend my friend and I hurled ourselves off a 3-story platform, we also ran the Scotland Run 10K race the next day (there was something like close to 9,000 people running in the race that day) and we both PR’d! Check it out:

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