Week in Review

Did you know that this is a holiday weekend? I didn’t realize that until Friday when no one was in the office (didn’t realize we had so many practicing christians…). 😉 My plans for today include a practice LSAT and then some video games afterward. Maybe I’ll pick up a chocolate bunny or two on the way home from the practice test; you know, to be “observant” of the holiday. Without further ado:
  • In what can only be described as temporary insanity, my friend and I ran the NYRR 4 Mile race yesterday morning in the literal downpour with an additional 4M afterward in order to complete our 8M training run for next month’s Brooklyn half marathon. As of late last night, my stuff was still not dry. Naturally, the sun was out and the weather warm less than 12 hours later and it is currently partly cloudy and 65 degrees.
  • Did you know that your iPhone tracks data about your location? Did you also know that all cell phones do so given the fact that they are the equivalent of tiny GPS trackers on your person that constantly send out a signal to the cell phone towers immediately in your vicinity (in plain English, thanks to the cell phone signal that all phones send out in order to access the cell network you require in order to make phone calls and send text messages, the iPhone “revelation” is really not a revelation and all and also not exclusive to the iPhone). I’m still getting one May 9th when I’m eligible for my Verizon upgrade. 😉
  • At work we sometimes try to address really big, significant cases whenever we can and this week we worked on putting up this petition to address the horrific case in Cleveland, TX, where an 11 year old girl was gang-raped by 19 boys and men and then subsequently blamed for the attack by community members and the media. Somewhere in the outrage over that blame, a crucial message was lost that we felt like she needed to hear, so once we’ve finished collecting the signatures, we have already developed a method of delivering the letter and signatures directly to her. Sign if you’d like to a part of it.
  • R.I.P. Grete Waitz. Amazing New York legend. I’ll be signing up for the Grete’s Great Gallop this October (half marathon length) for sure. Given its proximity to the marathon, it’ll most likely be part of a longer training run that day, but if any year is the year to do this race, it’s this one.

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