Translating so-called “voter anger”

The New York Times published a piece yesterday about various House Republicans’ attempts to explain their party’s literal assault on Medicare (along with other programs that actually benefit some Americans), and how there have been varying degrees of success for even Representative Paul Ryan, who can be characterized as the Tea Party’s darling coming out of the midterm elections.

Being the political/cultural cynic that I can sometimes be in situations like this, I offer the following translation of the concerns espoused by voting Americans over the past 2(ish) years:

Voters: “BOO! Down with socialism!! Down with the communist health care overhaul! Slash government spending! We don’t want it no more!!!”

House Republicans: “sweet! They agree with us! Let’s take over Medicare, dismantle it, and give the money we save there back to the CEO’s of JPMorgan and Bank of America! We’re cutting government spending and providing tax cuts!”

Voters: “wait, what? This means you’re attacking my health care?? I’m not going to have the same access I once did and private coverage will drive me into bankruptcy? Shit! Stop! Stop it right now! Who do you think you are?!?”

House Republicans: *blank stare*


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