Soliciting ideas for my upcoming “staycation”

A friend’s status update on Facebook reminded me that I am less than one month away from my first full vacation from work after a year of not taking any (in fact, I was forced to take some random days off here and there because I have “too much” vacation to roll over when I hit my anniversary date of working there).

I have approximately 3 weeks, 1 LSAT, and 1 half-marathon standing between me and the art of doing absolutely nothing (something I’m really bad at by the way). While some (okay, most) people may envision their vacations as a time to do very little and lounge around the house, I am cycling through all of the many things that I could “do” to savor each day I have of LSAT-free, work-free, long distance/law school-free existence. Problem is, I’ve only got one day clearly defined:

  • Spend the entire day at Long Beach from the time the sun goes up until the sun goes down. Items that will be necessary? High SPF sunblock, lunch (okay okay, and “second lunch”), a book, and then the usual essential beach items. Possibly an umbrella because I refuse to let Mother Nature’s obsession with rain keep me from the beach. You hear me Mother Nature?? I will DESTROY you!
But after that, I have no idea what to do with the other 5 days. Some options are:
  • Visit a museum I’ve never been to before.
  • Go to Coney Island (though I will have been there after the half-marathon so I don’t know how likely it is that this will seem like a novel idea).
  • Ooh, go the Bronx Zoo maybe?
  • Find an outdoor + rooftop cafe/bar where I can read a book from cover to cover? Possibly with mimosas?
  • Ride the Roosevelt Island tram and then explore that area?
  • Spend an evening outside with frozen margaritas and guacamole. This one is a must.
I dunno! I need ideas! Come on people (especially my fellow New Yorkers). Hit me!

4 responses to “Soliciting ideas for my upcoming “staycation”

  1. AHH!!! I want to do all of the above you mentioned. All of it. Including destroying nature for being an aquaphiliac WHORE.

  2. Bronx Zoo is GREAT. They should put a bar in the gorilla exhibit because I could stay there all day long.

    • I’ve only been once, but I remember really enjoying the tiger exhibit (especially when one ran right at the glass while we were there…). I’ll have to lookout for the gorillas this time!

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