June LSAT Recap + Staycation Recap

Yup, I’ve got a LOT to cover in this one, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Day 3 of my first ever “staycation” since, well, since I moved to NYC in 2007 also happened to be the June 2011 administration of the LSAT, which I signed up for because in my infinite brilliance, I let the last one I took during undergrad expire. Who says that one gets wiser with age? I opted to take it at Fordham Law School, which gave me the benefit of knowing exactly where I was going and not having to deal with any of that “oh my god where is it where is it WHERE IS IT??” anxiety that can happen when you don’t know where your testing center is. However, it also formally introduced Fordham’s tendency to, oh, I don’t know, not have any clue what’s happening the day of an event. For example, a little over a year ago, we tried to visit the school because M had been admitted and had arranged a visit to the campus. When we got there, they had no idea what we were talking about. Furthermore, the school was locked up for the day, so our effort was pretty much a bust. When I arrived 15 minutes before the 12:30 deadline to be at the testing center, there was a man from the law library running around trying to figure out what was happening. His question to the group of neurotic 20-22 year olds in the room was “so, is this like a practice test or a study session or something?”

Several people belt out “NO IT’S THE REAL THING AHH!”

Him: “oh, they didn’t tell us about this at all.” And then he ran off to try and figure out what was happening.

Hmmm, this seems familiar. After a while, a group of proctors came down and brought us upstairs a grand total of 15 minutes before the test was supposed to start. My sunglasses got confiscated because, you know, they could really have some sort of secret x-ray or video camera device that will enable me to record the test and transmit it via infrared to the people on the west coast who paid me thousands of dollars to send them the test (never mind that there are multiple versions of the test and they would be playing a kind of roulette hoping to get the same one I had, but hey, it’s their money)…or the more likely option of just being absolutely silly. The test started a full hour after it was supposed to start and other fun moments include when the girl next to me managed to do something to her pencil sharpener that caused it to explode and send pencil shavings everywhere or when the proctors realized they’d handed the tests out incorrectly and had to take them all back and start over.

All things considered, the fact that I felt pretty much fine after it was all over is kind of impressive given the fact that it’s a) the LSAT and b) the sheer volume of nonsense that preceded it.

I promptly went to the pub around the corner from my house afterward and enjoyed my first LSAT-free evening in months. The next day kicked off my actual “staycation,” and it began with the Natural History Museum. I learned very important things on this day including the fact that dinosaurs are ginormous:

And jelly fish still freak me the F out…even when they are GIGANTIC fake ones:

The next day (Wednesday), I went to the beach. It was awesome, and I will never make fun of kids’ sunblock again because this is the first year in several that I did not walk away with a ridiculous sunburn. Cheers to the kids’ SPF 50 sunblock!

On Thursday we attempted to go to the final Yankees-Red Sox game, but we were thwarted by a 3 1/2 hour rain delay. However, it doesn’t appear like we missed much. Thankfully, the Yankees box office announced that our basically unusable tickets would be accepted for a future game as long as it’s not a special event game.

I also read some books, ate some good (and sometimes not so good) food, played some video games, and slept occasionally. I deem this staycation a success!


2 responses to “June LSAT Recap + Staycation Recap

  1. Glad the LSAT is finally over and you can actually enjoy your staycation.. Course you being you, your next step is to qualify for NASA or something.. “Just in case you decide to go that route..” you will have that option as well.. Hahahahahahaha. 😉

  2. Well…NASA could be cool.

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