Weekly Roundup

Currently in NYC it’s 94 degrees outside. With the 38% humidity, it “feels like” 96 degrees. Having this at the forefront of my decision-making process, I have opted to not leave this building until at least 5:30 tonight when these ridiculous temperatures have already started subsiding and have entered the “free fall” stage (somewhat misleading at this rate, but when it’s mid-to-high 90s, you’d be happy for mid-80s too!). That said, here’s what you’ve missed this week:

  • I am now an Astorian. After a ridiculous time of it battling brokers and relying on nonsensical advice (scroll down for review), I finally found a good deal (again, scroll down for review) that landed me right where I wanted to be in the neighborhood for an amazing price. The best part? My kitchen is awesomely huge (for you non-New Yorkers, shut it, this is *big* by our standards):
  • We are house and cat-sitting at the moment, and will be until I move into this new apartment. I’ve pretty much fallen in love with the feline and have decided that Toni really does want a new friend. I mean who wouldn’t when it’s something this cute:
  • I beat Bioshock 2 on Sunday (see previous mid-game review). Everything I said there still holds true, but I will say this about the ending: it’s probably about an hour or so longer than it really needed to be. Still thought it was a great game and really can’t wait for Bioshock: Infinite to be released!
  • I’m purchasing new running shoes tonight from The Running Company. While I’m not entirely positive that Super Runner’s Shop put me in the wrong shoes this time around, I’d like to have a second opinion and see what the former comes up with. Occasionally I have some soreness in my left arch (I have low arches so I may over-pronate), but that might just be a product of the fact that I need new shoes. I’m getting them now in order to have them broken in by the Queens Half-Marathon on July 30th! This way I’ll get tonight’s (blisteringly hot to be sure) training run in, I’ll also manage two long runs plus 2 1/2 weeks of training runs before the Half, so I’m pretty confident that the new shoes will be ready for Queens and the rat maze that it will be!
  • I had no idea that the North Atlantic was actually capable of creating real waves on its beaches until this past weekend. At Long Beach we not only got to experience swimming in an ocean that’s crashing all around you and the closure of the water due to a strong riptide, we got to see the ocean advance on the beach and send sunbathers scattering for cover. See?

4 responses to “Weekly Roundup

  1. “and send sunbathers scattering for cover. See?” –With the critical exception of that one woman in her chair!

  2. Let me know about the running shoes!! I need a new pair myself. The asics I bought were terrible this time around, and they were my go to brand always.

    • The running shoes are great! I purchased a pair of the new Brooks Ghost 4’s, and they felt amazing. Also did a 3 miler this morning and again felt great. Can’t wait to use them in the half!

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