Time to Taper + HOT Weekend in NYC Recap

In case you hadn’t noticed, it was ridiculously hot this weekend regardless of where you lived in the continental U.S. On Friday afternoon I walked out of my office into what could only be described as a sauna and instantly regretted the official NYRR Long Training Run #1 for the NYC Marathon that I’d signed up for on Saturday morning. Given the Queens Half-Marathon that’s taking place this Saturday, I had to get in the 10 miler that I’d been planning on before starting my taper week this week. So, I was up bright and early at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, and walked out of my A/C’d house to this:

Only 83 degrees? That’s not so bad, right? Two things: a) look at the time stamp and then imagine where that temp went as the morning progressed; b) check out the humidity and “feels like” temp. Yeah, it was hot. Luckily, I had my badge of honor (“race” bib):

And I wasn’t the only crazy out there running anywhere from 6 to 20 miles in the ridiculous heat and humidity:

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I had been expecting. I mean, the conditions weren’t anywhere close to ideal and I was pretty much disgusting after the 10 miles were over, but it actually felt pretty good. There were fluid stations every mile, misting stations in 3 different spots of the park, the pace setters took us 30 seconds slower to account for the heat, and there was a recovery area after every loop of the park that featured water-soaked sponges, water, Gatorade, gel shots, etc. I actually had a good time all things considered. Now that the 10 miler is done, it’s time to rest and taper up for the Queens Half-Marathon this weekend! At least we know we’re capable of running in extreme heat if it happens again this weekend, right? There will be no PR-setting for this race, that’s for sure!

Afterward we headed over to the Highline to hunt down the Coolhaus ice cream truck, which is apparently one of the best ice cream trucks in the city. On a day where the temps had climbed to this:

I could certainly get behind something like this:

That’s exactly what you think it is. It was a Guiness chip type of ice cream with two white chocolate chip cookies, which were combined to create the greatest thing ever. Totally worth walking over the Highline in the blistering heat and waiting for about 15 minutes for it to show up.

All in all, it was a busy weekend. On Sunday we spent the better part of the day moving our things into my new apartment in Astoria and the name of the game this week after work will be unpacking and putting the place together for my final move-in this Thursday or Friday. It’s definitely been a summer of moving with Boston, Brooklyn, Queens, and Boston again all thrown in, but hey, at least it’s almost over!


3 responses to “Time to Taper + HOT Weekend in NYC Recap

  1. Now that’s a recovery meal if I ever saw one. 😉

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