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I didn’t exactly move to the East Coast for this…

Yup, that looks pretty mean and it’s headed right for us. Expected landfall is sometime tomorrow night or early Sunday morning. All week we’ve been watching various computer models adjust the predicted track for this storm and as it moved further and further west with New York in its sights, it became apparent to all of us that right off the heels of one of our first earthquakes, we are about to experience our very first hurricane. Lifelong residents here have been talking about how they’ve never been in one, so this is going to be an interesting experience for all of us.

New York State has declared a state of emergency. Mass transit is already scheduled to be shut down entirely tomorrow starting at noon. I know it’s difficult for non-New Yorkers to imagine why that’s such a big deal, but let me put it this way: it’s more uncommon for someone in the Metro area to own a car than not. Those of us without cars in the actual city outnumber those of us with them. In other words, without mass transit, we’re stuck in our respective neighborhoods/boroughs. The Mayor has ordered mandatory evacuation of all zone A parts of the city and the Rockaways, which are actually a zone B. I live in zone C, which triggers a mandatory evacuation in cat-3 or 4 storms (I learned all of this in a crash course I gave myself during the past 48 hours when it became clear we were going to get nailed by Irene), so those of us in C should be okay.

Amusingly enough, when I left the store where I had purchased batteries for a flashlight, a can opener (how I didn’t have one of these is beyond me), candles, a lighter, etc., I noticed that everyone on the street had bags of something; bottled water, paper towels (not sure what use those will be, but hey), flashlights, the whole nine yards. Say what you want about New Yorkers but when something serious goes down, we listen to what to do and we listen well. 😉

Ultimately, there’s no reason to believe that this is going to be catastrophic. Even if it remains a cat-2 storm, I don’t suspect there will be a serious loss of life despite how many people live here and how concentrated we are. Bloomberg and Cuomo are not messing around with precautions, and that’s really the best way to go about it. It’s possible that the bridges may get closed as well, so really the best thing we can all do is bunker down and stay there. My office has already declared that we will most likely be closed on Monday (if the hurricane pounds us all day Sunday and the trains don’t resume service until Monday or later, there’s no way we’re all getting back to work). Honestly I’m more worried about what will happen if the power and gas lines get knocked out by Irene. If that does happen, then my phone will be kept off in order to conserve battery life, so it is entirely plausible that all New Yorkers will be off the grid for a few days. In other words, don’t panic if I disappear from the internets…the kitteh and I will be bunkered down riding out our first hurricane experience ever. Behold Toni’s “are you kidding me with this hurricane business?” face:

In non-hurricane, yet somewhat hurricane related news, this weekend entails a half marathon distance long training run and the only opportunity we will have for that is tomorrow morning before the storm hits. The route we’ve chosen has been aptly named for this occasion (the “Hurricane Irene Half Marathon”):

On that note, cheers! I will update after the storm to let you know a) I’m still alive and b) what it was like!


For MGO Today

She’s taking her (I believe) Civil Procedure final exam today, and since I know she’ll see this before she goes in, I have the following statement to make:

I know you feel like this right now after studying for days, weeks, oh who am I kidding? For months, am I right?

And maybe even like this:

But all you need to remember is to throw in some of this action:

And maybe even a little bit of this action in your answers on the exam:

And you’ll be just fine. 🙂 Good luck! Not that you’ll need it!

Kitteh: 1, Alligators: 0

Cross-posting this one. It’s just too amazing to pass up:

Running Shoes and Firefighters

Interesting title, eh?

After much procrastination, I finally went into Super Runners Shop and purchased a new pair of running shoes using the $50 gift card my friends got me for my birthday last month. My old shoes were badly in need of retirement and now they can rest in the old folks’ home and live out the rest of their days in peace and quiet (read: the back of my closet most likely). Thanks to my friends’ generosity (and not so subtle hints of “go buy new running shoes! NOW!”), I ended up paying $54 after tax for a $100 pair of running shoes. Double like. You can’t really find a decent pair of running shoes for less than $80-$90, and it is my health that’s at stake here, but if I don’t spend more than I have to, well, I’m all for that. 🙂

I made it home after my shopping trip and headed back out to stop by the supermarket for basic things like cereal, milk, etc., and when I turned the corner onto my street during my walk back home, I was immediately greeted with lights and firetrucks. When I turn onto my street from the direction of my supermarket, I have to walk almost to the other end to get to my apartment building. Wouldn’t you know it, but the firetruck looked like it was parked right in front of my building and the closer I got, the more it looked like it was in front of my building. Sure enough, I get in range and there’s a group of 7 firefighters standing right outside my gate and my first thought was “aren’t they going to stop me from going inside?” followed by “my roommates better have grabbed my cat!” Then the door to the building right next to mine opened up, and firefighters were coming out of there.

Whew! Talk about a close call and nice adrenaline boost to my evening! Clearly there wasn’t a raging fire (otherwise it would have affected us here), but something apparently happened during the 20 minutes I was gone to warrant a firetruck and firefighters.

Oh New York…you always do have a way of keeping things exciting, don’t you?

P.S. If you’re wondering about the roommates, they assured me that had there been an issue in our building, they would’ve grabbed Toni for me.

P.P.S. I had to resist the urge to throw my new shoes on and test them out because I already went to the gym this morning and biked 22 miles, but you best believe I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow and ready to break them in!

WHY does…

…the cat INSIST on dumping her food onto the floor before she eats it?

I’m serious. She scoops it out with her paw, dumps it onto the floor, and then eats it off the floor. Normally she only scoops two or three out a time, but I literally just watched her pick up an entire paw full and *crash* dump it all over the floor.

Does it taste better down there on the floor? Do you have some weird sense of satisfaction knowing that you tower over your prey (e.g. Iams cat food)?? Or do you just insist on drive me bonkers with this habit of yours?!?

Oh, and if she decides that she’s full mid-paw scoop? She just leaves it on the floor for later, and guess who gets to pick it up and put it back in the bowl just to have it get dumped out again at a later time?

I love it when…

1. It’s so warm outside that the cat is too lethargic to attack me. Instead, she’s on her back sort of halfheartedly swatting at my hands as I roll her back and forth from side to side. It’s like her own little personal tsunami inflicted by me, but she could care less that it’s happening.

2. When the USA not only advances to the ROUND OF 16, but is actually the WINNER of their group! Take that England!

3. When there’s an earthquake in Toronto that’s felt all over NYC, and my response to peoples’ texts was “wait, there was an earthquake?!?”

Yes cat…

Plopping down right on my hands and my handy dandy MacBook mouse touchpad is the *perfect* place to be when I’m attempting to type. As I type this, I am doing a semi-acrobatic move in order to actually reach my keys in order to type out this post.


It’s like Toni believes she has the RIGHT to sit there right in the way, stare up at me with those big green eyes, and then nuzzle my arm and look too damn adorable for me to get angry.

*sigh again*

Excuse me while I go pet (and thus reward) the cat who just completely invaded my space…

P.S. I really like the new Against Me! album. 🙂