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Legally Minded Types

Legal intern and I: “Oh yeah, it’s nice and warm outside right now! It’s in the 60s!”

Supervisor: “oh cool…is it warm enough to go outside without a coat?”

Me: “um, it’s close? I dunno, I don’t deal with cold very well so…”

Supervisor: *arched eyebrow, turns to intern* “hey is it warm enough outside to go out without a coat?”

Legal intern: “well…there were people outside in tank tops and stuff…”

Supervisor: “thanks you two.”

Me: “what?!? You certainly can’t tell from those responses that you’re speaking to two legally minded people.”


Weekly Roundup

The following is my attempt (one after many failed attempts admittedly) to keep some semblance of a regular update going on here:

  • After a ridiculous episode occurred two weeks ago when I attempted to get a routine eye exam in order to update my contacts prescription (seriously, click the linked Yelp review and scroll down a bit to get to mine…the first one is my update after being harassed by the doctor/owner and the second was my original after I said “no thanks” to paying $175 for a routine eye exam), I managed to get into a place in downtown Brooklyn via 1-800-CONTACTS that gave me the exam, prescription updates, free trial pair of lenses, and follow up exam for under $100. AND, the doctor (who I actually liked) gave me a new pair of more breathable lenses to try, and I noticed the difference immediately. Yay!
  • Last weekend my friend and I learned what it was like to throw ourselves off a platform 3 stories high, and we landed (several times) without injury! We went to this place, where they actually train stunt people for the movies. The group was a little too large for my tastes, but it was fun!
  • After plenty (and I mean *plenty*) of evidence to the contrary, it looks like the Knicks might actually be competitive in the first round. Who woulda thought that?!
  • This week I started, and finished, The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins via the Amazon Kindle app for the iPod Touch. If you haven’t read it already, do yourself a favor and get/buy/download it and read it. Such a fascinating and enjoyable story!
  • I’ve been getting into the habit of doing my half-marathon training runs in the morning like this one when I ran to the Promenade in Brooklyn and got to see the Manhattan skyline in the early morning before anyone else is awake, but I also opted for times spent in the early evening when the weather’s in the high 60s / low 70s going over the Manhattan Bridge and checking out the skyline from another angle.
  • A little over an hour ago I walked in my apartment after a largely uneventful bus trip back to NYC from a weekend spent in Boston. Given my past history with Bolt Bus, this was quite the shock, but I couldn’t argue with the $2.50 roundtrip ticket price I found online a few weeks ago, which is the only reason I actually went back to them. Still, there were some elements of the same old Bolt Bus I’ve come to recognize ala the bus driver coming on and gruffly announcing “this is a NONSTOP bus to NYC. It will be making only one stop and that’s at 34th and 8th. If your WiFi or electrical outlets aren’t working now, they won’t be working when we get moving. Thanks and enjoy your ride!” Um, thanks? (and of course, the WiFi wasn’t working)
  • Took a practice LSAT this morning before I left Boston. It was LOADS of fun. Can’t wait to do more [/sarcasm]. I followed it with leftover pizza from Friday evening, an ice cream cone, and a latte from Margot’s espresso machine.
  • (EDIT) Edited to add that in the same weekend my friend and I hurled ourselves off a 3-story platform, we also ran the Scotland Run 10K race the next day (there was something like close to 9,000 people running in the race that day) and we both PR’d! Check it out:

Reaction: Oscar nominations

I know, I know. Me? A reaction to something like the Oscars? Well yes, normally you’d be correct that this time of year tends to fly by me before I even realize it’s there. Normally I couldn’t care less which movie was nominated or which movie got snubbed, but then I saw that a particular movie that I really can’t stand got onto the list…

Included in the Best Motion Picture category was the god-awful movie The Kids Are All Right.

I hated this movie, and before I tell you why, you should know their are some serious **spoilers** (duh) coming your way…

Okay, if you’re still reading, then it’s your own fault if I spoil the movie for you…

An extramarital affair happens between Julianne Moore’s character, Jules, and Mark Ruffalo’s character, Paul. If you’re thinking that I’m pissed at this fact in and of itself because “ZOMG!!1! She’s a lesbian…she can’t sleep with men!!!” then you’d be mistaken. Sexuality is entirely fluid, and people identify however they want to identify, and they are attracted to whoever they are attracted to. I saw these scenes playing out as a huge extramarital affair given the context of Jules’ 15-20 year long relationship with Nic (including two teenage kids), which in my mind was going to lead to a relationship-breaking climax in the movie between Annette Benning’s character, Nic, and Jules once Jules was found out. As I watched my thought was “oh no!! She’s in HUGE trouble now! WHAT are you doing?!?”

Sure enough, Nic finds out about the affair and…practically nothing. Yes, she gets upset, and yes, they argue. But that takes maybe 5-10 minutes out of the entire span of the movie and then it’s like they’re back to normal again. This tired old climactic point gets used again and again in movies and normally we witness a huge fight, the cheater moving out, they (sometimes) finally get back together after a lot of push and pull, etc. We also always see this happening between a straight couple, and it pretty much takes over the rest of the movie. But not in The Kids Are All Right. It’s almost like it was an afterthought during the writing of the script.

Um, really? An extramarital affair, whether it be with a man or a woman, is still an extramarital affair. It’s still the worst violation of the inherent trust and mutuality that should be in all relationships, and it felt like it was treated as “oh, well Jules cheated on Nic with Paul, and that doesn’t really count…” Really? How much respect can you have for a relationship that’s 15-20 years long when the worst possible violation of everything that’s been built into that relationship (e.g. an affair) happens, but it basically “doesn’t count”? I wouldn’t have respect for a relationship like that…and I didn’t for Nic and Jules’ relationship at the end of the movie with the picture perfect scene of them dropping the daughter off at college not 20 minutes after the last scene of Jules sleeping with Paul. “Oh that one time that I cheated on you over and over again? It ain’t no thing!” *cue ending credits*

It’s really difficult for me to get offended by a movie (I think the last one was A History of Violence when a rape scene was treated as  “love” scene), but I was offended by this one. The only possible conclusion I can come to is the fact that Nic and Jules are two women in a relationship, and since the ultimate violation of that relationship was not treated in the same way that it would be if Nic and Jules were a man and a woman in a relationship, Nic and Jules’ relationship is not as legitimate as the more “socially acceptable” straight relationship. OR, the even worse counterpart which is the ridiculous idea that gay relationships are inherently rifled with infidelity (“they can’t help it!”), so when it happens, we just shrug it off and move on.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh, and I really didn’t want to come to this conclusion after I finished the movie (I thought about it for quite some time), but I can’t see any other way around it. It was come away with either: a) ridiculous categorization of gay relationships as “not the same or not as worthy” as straight relationships because when an affair happens, it’s not a big deal; OR b) infidelity is a natural byproduct of gay relationships so there’s nothing to worry about when it happens. I didn’t appreciate either one being sold to millions of people as the “typical” gay relationship and then winning accolades (and still doing it seems) for doing so.

Thoughts anyone? Did anyone else see this coming out or was it just me? (“coming out”…hehe, see what I did there? Unintentionally though…) I try not read too into these things when it comes to artistic license in a movie, but this was just too apparent for me to write off. Perhaps someone can help me see an alternative interpretation.

It’s a shame too. I absolutely love both Annette Benning and Julianne Moore. I won’t hold it against them. 🙂

Why I’m NOT buying the Verizon iPhone 4

…and waiting until the iPhone 5 is released this summer.

Just in case you’ve happened to be living under a rock for the past few weeks, Verizon [finally, after years and years of waiting] announced that it was adding the iPhone to it’s product line. Much celebration was had by Verizon customers everywhere; alternatively, much grumbling was had by current iPhone users shackled to their AT&T contracts. What’s so awful about AT&T? If you live in NYC, San Francisco, or any other city with a high volume of traffic, then you also live in a city with the worst cell phone service on the planet. One of the interns in my office has an AT&T iPhone and told me that on Friday afternoon at 5 pm, she literally cannot make a phone call sometimes. This a foreign concept to those of us on Verizon.

So why have I decided not to buy the iPhone next month? I think the better question is why would you buy the Verizon iPhone 4 next month? That said, there are a couple of compelling reasons to wait on buying the new Verizon iPhone:

  1. We’re already halfway through the iPhone 4’s shelf life. Apple is notorious for releasing a new iPhone literally every year, and if that holds true (which there’s no reason to believe it won’t), then a new iPhone 5 will be hitting the shelves in June or July. Everyone jumping onto the iPhone 4 bandwagon now will be sorely disappointed.
  2. Verizon [quietly…well tried to anyway] announced that it’s ending the “New Every 2” discount program that made it so wonderful to be a Verizon customer. Existing customers will still be able to use their current cycle but after that, it’s no more. Thus, I’ve only got one shot on using my last discount correctly, and I’m not up for using that discount until at least May (hence why it makes even more sense for me to wait until June or July for the more-than-likely iPhone 5).
  3. There are some question marks identified by Consumer Reports, and the one in particular that I’m interested in is what will happen to the Verizon network once usage is ramped up significantly by all of the new iPhone customers. It has handled the Android market admirably, but will it begin to crack under the new iPhone pressure? Only time will tell.

Well that’s kind of fun…

Received this in my inbox this morning. Kind of cool…


The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 85 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 36 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 10mb. That’s about 3 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was December 16th with 105 views. The most popular post that day was 2011 NYC Half-Marathon: Update.

Where did they come from?

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for multifarious musings, nyc half marathon 2011, new york road runners half marathon 2011 controversy, queens half marathon 2011, and nyrr.

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Figuring out this Twitter thing…

Hah, it may take a while. I’ve finally managed to sync it up to my MapMyRun account with the hope of connecting to a larger community of New York runners as I prepare to take on the 2011 NYC marathon as well as one (but possibly two) half-marathons! It will be a first time for me on both the marathon and half-marathon count, so any added help and knowledge will be welcome!

As for getting this website synced up to Twitter, well…let’s just say that took a bit longer. 😉 But I think I’ve got it figured out, and when I publish this post, it should also send a direct update to the account I’ve created on Twitter. I’ve played around a little bit with my new Twitter account, and I am now “following” a couple of friends but mainly news feeds and shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead. Hopefully in the future this will be an effective tool in finding other runners and running organizations in the tri-state area who are involved in the same races that I am!

Or perhaps, this account will fall by the wayside and become one of those millions of Twitter accounts that lay dormant and forgotten in the ever-expanding abyss that is the internet. The only function I understand so far is the @ sign. Don’t get me started on the other stuff because I have NO idea. 🙂

Unemployment & Economic Stability

No, not me. I’ll get that one out of the way right now; no, I did not lose my job today.

Someone else in my office did. The grant that funded a position was lost, and her position was eliminated as of last week. She found out last week, and the rest of us found out today. There were three of us with the same “title” if you will, and now there are two…the cruel irony being that for the two of us left, our jobs are probably more secure now than they were before because there is no way that one person alone can take on all that needs to be done. It’s going to be interesting with just two of us, but we haven’t started talking about how to make that work yet (e.g. here comes the increased work load!).

I also felt better after finding out from her that she had been offered the position with a disclaimer that this very thing could happen to her. I, nor the other person in the office, received any such disclaimer, and it’s good to know that this wasn’t a complete and total shock to her (but I’m going to guess it still sucks).

Despite this distinction, and the fact that it would be impossible to put all the work in our program on one person, I promptly signed into my bank account and transferred the expendable income that’s been sitting there into my savings account. I had no concrete plans to spend it or anything, but I’d been toying with the idea of stopping by American Eagle sometime this week. But now I know I won’t be spending it, which certainly doesn’t help with increasing customer spending and the overall economic recovery. It’s scary when someone in your office is let go due to funding because there’s literally nothing that person can do about it. It’s not like he/she can argue that job performance can be improved or there’s been a misunderstanding. It’s final and good luck in the ridiculously bad job market out there. Is it really that hard to understand why people who are employed aren’t out there spending their money? We’re watching people go down around us and thinking “uh oh, that could be me. I better save all my money just in case!” This, in turn, decreases customer revenue, which causes businesses and employers to make more staff cuts, which decreases customer revenue even more, ad infinitum.

I’m not sure how we get out of this mess, but we need to and we need to do it soon.