Workout Wonders

If you couldn’t tell by the subject matter of some of my posts and categories, I work out. A lot. Why do I do it? Partly because it’s a job requirement, and partly because I love doing so. After surviving four years of undergraduate work, one year in AmeriCorps, and another two years of graduate work, I have finally managed to get myself back into the shape that I was in high school (the time period when I played on multiple sports teams at one time). Here I’ll describe what tools and methods I use to keep myself going, as well as my up and coming races and other events (when and if I register for them).

The first step is to create a consistent workout schedule, right? My primary method is running. I’ve always been a runner, and I love the fact that I’m now actively doing so again after years of stasis (I love that word). I started using MayMyRun to track my progress, which eventually turned into a website I use to track all of my workouts. It’s a fairly easy website to figure out, and you can even connect to your friends on Facebook (if you have braved the scary world of online social networking). You can also map out runs, and they have a cool Google Earth-like video that will actually show you a camera fly-over of the route so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Finally, this website allows you to see routes created by other runners in your area, and you can easily yoink these for your own personal use. And what about those non-running workouts? I have a membership to NYSC here in the city, and I have set up a schedule that includes bicycling, time on a rowing machine, free weights, a stair master, various weight machines, etc. If you’re really interested in the schedule I follow (and believe me, it’s a grueling 6 day/week one), comment on this, and I’ll send it to you.

So a consistent workout schedule is all well and good, but this has to be fun for you to stick with it, yeah? Enter the world of competition. This could be any type depending on what you enjoy most. For me, it’s obviously running. Last November I registered to become a member of the New York Road Runners club with the intent on registering for the ING New York City marathon. You know, the BIG one. I came to find out that in order to get guaranteed entry, one must do two things: a) run 9 qualifying races in the year preceding the guaranteed entry year, and b) volunteer at 1 additional race. So this meant that I had a lot to do in the meantime. What I initially envisioned to be 9+1 hurdles to the 2011 marathon turned into something that was a lot of fun. This year I’ve run in the NYRR Gridiron (4M), the Coogan’s 5K, the Colon Cancer Challenge (15K), the Scotland Run (10K), the NYRR 4M, and the Brooklyn Half-Marathon.

So what’s on the horizon for me now?

  • The NYRR Modern Mini 10K on June 11th.
  • The Front Runners New York Lesbian and Gay Pride Run (5M) on June 25th (race proceeds go to the “It Gets Better” project, so definitely worthwhile!).
  • The Queens Half-Marathon on July 30th.
  • The ING NYC Marathon on November 6th!
There’s a couple of other races in July that may be incorporated into my half-marathon training schedule, but I haven’t decided on which ones yet.

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